Best coworking space in Medellin?

Hi there,

I’m considering a month or two in Medellin and wondered what the co-working space options are like. I want something more than a cafe, so happy to pay the going rate. I spent a couple of months at Hubud in Bali earlier this year and loved it, but realise that I’ve set the bar pretty high.

Has anyone used Epicenter? I read somewhere it is pretty busy. Any other options?

Suggestions much appreciated.

Atom house is another. I worked out of my company office when I lived in Medellin so I was only there for a meetup, but people seem to like it. It will not compare to what you experienced in Bali.

A friend of mine writes for Medellin Living and he reviewed this place: I worked from home while I was in Medellin, so haven’t personally experienced it. Good luck!

You need to find a place close to where you are living. My place has decent internet and there is a outdoor cafe and museum 3 blocks away that I have been hanging out in. Planning on trying here this week

I just got to Medellin, and I’ve been going to Epicentro this week. I really like it. I’ve used several coworking spaces in the U.S., and it’s pretty comparable. You get a hot desk that you can safely leave your things at all day. The people there are friendly too (although I didn’t speak to others much as my Spanish is limited).

From what I can tell 9010 doesn’t exist (or at least their website is not live anymore).

I’m moving out of Poblado this weekend and over to Laureles, where there aren’t as many coworking spaces. Will be checking out this place:

I’ve tried Epicenter and it’s fine, but felt a little too sterile for my liking.

Have just discovered a newish one that I love,, which is on Calle 10 in Poblado, so it couldn’t be more central (depends where you live though, of course…)

Anyway, super friendly staff, free coffee and they put on lots of cool events like language exchanges, pub quizzes etc. Very reasonably priced as well.

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I’ve used NODO (, it suited my needs just fine. Internet was fast enough for video calls without fail, and the people were very friendly.

I realize this is way after the question was asked, but in case anyone is searching for coworking spaces now…