Best digital nomad communities in Europe?

Hello nomads,

For those of you with a bit of experience, could you fill in a top 5 of the strongest (paid programs excluded), digital nomad communities around Europe?

Thanks in advance!


I can say 3: London, Berlin and Barcelona.

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Zürich and Mallorca in the summer too.

I’m in Las Palmas de GC right now, and the nomad community is pretty buzzing…

That’s really great news! Planning to go there this summer. Any co-working spaces that you can recommend?

I’m using The House at the moment, which is in Triana, and it’s a great space - fast wifi and really friendly people. And a great roof terrace. But there are a few around - I waited until I knew where my accommodation was before joining for this one…

The and couchsurfing communities are also strong here, with lots going on.

I’m here until the end of June, so if you arrive before then, say hi! :smile:

Absolutely, it is quite possible. :slight_smile: Thanks again for the tips and enjoy your months in Las Palmas!

Not so much digital nomad communities but instead a thriving expat/startup/entrepreneur community can be found in Istanbul. We moved here ‘accidentally’ 3 months back and couldn’t be happier. There’s an abundance of amazing cafes with great wifi and some awesome coworking spaces with regular events, talks, parties and more!

Hi Arman, thanks for the tip! How about safety? Is Istanbul safe enough for a solo female traveler?

@geo Definitely, I’m here with my girlfriend who’s solo travelled a lot and she feels safe and comfortable going around by herself. Of course the usual common sense applies, like avoid walking down a creepy little street by yourself at 3 am but asides from that Istanbul is a great place for female travellers.

If you’re really considering Istanbul we’re happy to help out and share our experience moving here and answer any questions you might have!

Thank you, Arman! More than happy to get in touch if I decide to come. :slight_smile: