Best earplugs for sleeping?

What are the best earplugs the money can buy (or similar noise blockers), that will allow me to sleep on my side comfortably and not here people around me snoring?


It depends what you mean by ‘best’… Not hearing a serial snorer would be a challenge with any earplugs as they tend to not really block ‘vibration noises’.

Anyways, look on the packages, usually the amount of decibel it blocks is written somewhere. So the highest the more it blocks noise.

The big orange ones are the ones I use, but at first they hurt after a couple of hours. I just got used to using them over time.

Best means I will hear least snoring, while feeling most comfortable while sleeping on the side :slight_smile:

Finally a question I have knowledge about!

I’ve tried LOADS of ear plugs. Almost every single one.

The best ear plugs:
The best one is 3M’s E-A-R E-Z-Fit:

There’s lots of 3M ear plugs that look like them but they all kinda suck. You can recognize the good ones by their cone like shape and the bottom which is dented and has the ridges.

These 3M E-Z-Fit ear plugs are soft and highly malleable. You make them small first, then insert into your ears, hold for 20 seconds and they’ll grow to close your ear canal 100%.

I have a box of 1,000pcs 3M E-A-R E-Z-Fit I ordered at some online industrial warehouse shop. And everytime I travel I bring about a 50pcs. I use maybe 2 per week. They’re the best thing ever cause they’re the only thing that keep me asleep!

What NOT to buy:
Now here’s the ear plugs that didn’t work for me, they’re either too stiff (so they don’t isolate your canal cause they can’t change shape) or just badly shaped (like the multi-cone one):


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You could also try to look into sleeping phones. I previously had some version of which I really liked (used for when eating or listening to audiobooks while being sick). Would maybe suggest getting bluetooth version as volume controller is flimsy (I taped it down to avoid accidental mutes) and the wires die quickly (was too lazy to fix them after the second time but now really wish I had them).

Hearos are the best in my book:
They work like 3M’s E-A-R E-Z Fit: you make 'em small (thin) so you can get 'em way down into your ear, then hold 'em there for a second or two as they expand, and poof, instant silence!

Seconding @littleshiva on the HEAROS XTREME. I’ve tried a bunch of different brands and styles. They are just way better for my ears. No problem sleeping on your side with these.

My goto setup if I am really trying to drown out all sound and sleep is:

  • Hearos XTREME (blue). Got those from Amazon.
  • Active noise-cancelling, closed back, over-ear bluetooth headphones I use Plantronics Backbeat Pro 1. You can sleep on your side if you have a soft pillow and bunch it up, making a cup for the headphone side. I sleep mostly on my back though. Got those from Amazon.
  • Some kind of ambient noise generator app to run interference through the headphones. I use Banzai Labs Power Nap from the Apple App Store.

An alternate setup that works pretty well when I’m travelling light:

  • MPOW Judge bluetooth in ear headset. Got those from Amazon.
  • and the Banzai app mentioned above.

It is super easy to lay on your side with this setup. The headphones are also super inexpensive, but very good. Excellent value and utility, but not quite as effective as the first setup.

All of this is worth it if you need silence to sleep. Noise bothers me and this is the only setup I’ve tried that really lets me retire to my own space when I’m travelling and can’t control noise. I experience a real benefit to my peace of mind- and patience actually. Something about knowing that no matter how annoying my surroundings may get - I can drown them out if I need to.