Best mobile app for finding the fastest wifi hotspots nearby?

I’m currently using Wifi Map Pro on iOS. Works pretty well, but no indication of speed or quality on that app. Any ideas?

I’m helping out a Startup called WorkHardAnywhere. Helps you find working locations (cafes, coworking, libraries, etc.) based on wifi speed (measured by speed test), amount of plugs, cost, and seating.

Still in private beta, but you can sign up and get access at

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I use a combination of apps on Android as some of them are hit & miss depending where you are on the planet. Aside from apps, I try to get into the habit of adding a review on Foursquare covering the workability, power points, down speed and up speed in an attempt at encouraging others to do the same. In some cities this is a common thing.

The apps I use:
Wifi Map -
WifiMapper -
(unsure if the above link works as I am on the beta test - you can join the test via their google community:
WifiPas -


The 2 apps I use are “Wifi Map Pro” & “Wifi Finder”.
I wrote a blog post about them here: