Best Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Mai?


I am moving to Chiang Man for two months and am looking for a good Muy Thai gym. I have some previous training experience but am at the novice/intermediate level.

Can anyone who has trained Muy Thai in Chiang Mai recommend a school?

@holeinthehand Good to hear you will be training! :facepunch:

I tried 2 gyms (you will find them both on Google Maps).

Lanna Muay Thai - This place was a cool semi-outdoor gym. Only did 1 session here and it was HARDCORE. :relaxed: They will push you to your absolute physical limits. The schedule only had two classes per day when I was there. 1 class at 6AM and the other in the evening. Wasn’t super convenient for me.

Chiang Mai Muay Thai Gym - This place is in the NorthWest corner of the old city (big square on the map!). It’s indoor with astro-turf floor (fake grass). I trained here regularly and the crew was cool as well. The best part was the convenience. The classes weren’t at a specific time but they were flexible, so your training session would start as soon as you arrived. Kinda like a private session but only ~$9USD per session if I remember correctly.

Hope that helps. Best of luck!

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Awesome. Thanks for the info! Will check both of these out. Don’t suppose you can recommend a good motorcycle rental place too? :wink: