Best off-peak nomad places to stay in Europe in summer?


As peak seasons arrives in the summer for most of the EU, I’m wondering where people travel in the EU, while keeping their costs down at the same time?

I’ve seen split in croatia, but that seems like peak season in Jun-Sept. Obvious ones are spain, portugal etc - but stiil peak season - so expensive.

Anyone know of anywhere that’s nice and sunny but still cheap at the same time in Jun-Sept, with good infrastructure (health, internet etc.)?

My solution has just been to book very early… Long-term bookings also help. (I may just be stating the obvious, so forgive me if so…)

head east. if you stay away from the main tourist destinations and go to more off the beaten path and cheaper eastern european countries you can still live for a reasonable amount.

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Very useful actually. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I think I may try to book a little early and try for somewhere off the tourist track.

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Yes, sounds like a good idea. I’m thinking to find somewhere near to a tourist destination, but far enough away to not be trapped like a tourist.

so one tip with airbnb is that you can search for a specific city, but then you can zoom out the map and check the ‘redo search’ box and see what is available in a huge area. set the price you want to pay (or a little higher since you can probably negotiate for longer stays) and it’ll show you where you can get a good priced apartment that you might not have thought of before.

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Hello everyone,

I am having the same issue. Was thinking Spain but everyone is raising the prices. The capitals are quite hot and uncomfortable during summertime so the coast is definitely the best choice.
At the same time there will be a lot of chaos with the summer tourists so going off the beaten track is also a wise option. One thing I am sure of and that is Prague in September. But before that? A strong digital community would make the difference. Any recommendations?

Gran Canaria… Las Palmas is wonderful - it has everything, including multiple co-working offices. There are also gorgeous mountain villages and towns if you feel like getting away from it all. And winter (i.e. NOW) is peak season down here, while summer is off-peak.

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Thanks Ani, I keep hearing a lot of good things about Las Palmas.

I’ve been here since late November, and I love it. I’ll definitely be coming back.

Handy tip, thanks wanderingdev

We were in Belgrade during August and it was super !