Best place to buy a laptop in Asia?

My laptop is having issues and I’d rather replace it before it gets too bad. I’m currently in Chiang Mai, going to Phnom Phen next week then to KL and Seoul.

My impression is that Seoul would be the best place for buying a replacement but I’m not sure what I’m basing that one.

Where in Asia am I likely to get the best bang for my buck?

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I remember that the exchange rate in Malaysia was amazing - and you could get macbooks for less than in the USA - though I am not sure how the prizes are now :wink:


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At the moment with the value of the ringgit KL is probably the best place. Go to Lowyat mall and I am pretty sure you can have a good deal or to Machines if you want a mac

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It all depends on the laptop you’re after.

The other week I did a price comparison of Apple Macbooks in the Asia/Oceania region and found Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan the cheapest. Korea was more expensive than the states. That Macbook was also 10% more expensive in Malaysia than the US.

That being said, this was for a specific model. Some Apple products aren’t as cheap in those countries. Generally I’ve found Canada has the best Apple deals on the planet, but unfortunately that doesn’t help you.

Best to just google the item you’re after in the regions you’re interested in.

If you’re happy with an Apple, just go on the site and do a price comparison. Go to bottom of homepage to change country :wink:

I’m looking for a non-Mac. Just a basic laptop that I can use for writing + recreational stuff.

I would by an Asus from Big C or similar and get VAT returned at the airport.

The reason Malaysia is cheap is that they don’t charge VAT on computer electronics but if you leave Thailand then you get the VAT returned anyway so probably not much difference.

Thanks. I’ve left Thailand now and am in Phnom Penh. I think my current laptop will survived the month until I get to KL.

I had an Asus a while back and keep thinking it was crap because it didn’t last long but the actually reason was that I spilt a glass of water on it then stupidly panicked and wrapped a cloth and wiped it down! Do not ever do that.

haha, my asus (bought in july in US) has been a proper warhorse. It’s been dropped, left on a four post bed to be hit by a ceiling fan (big dent) and went up the Annapurna Base Camp with me on a trek and still works great. Love it (though with the multiple dents resell value is probably 0 ;))

Yes. Don’t buy anything more expensive than 3 USD in Phnom Pehn :slight_smile:

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