Best place to stay for a couple of month in Chile?

Hi! I need some advice on where to stay in Chile for a couple of months coming winter (summer in South America)

My personal criteria are:

  • nature close by : ocean/mountains (or better both) for weekend getaways
  • walkable : nice stroll after work: parks, waterfronts etc. will do
  • internet: I can live with 1Mbps up/down and latency around 100ms so even not-too-atrocious mobile 3g will do : )
  • transportation: easy to get to other interesting places (I understand that the easiest place is Santiago, but well, seems like it fails other categories :slight_smile:)
  • something for kids: we can do with one playground in town, but life is difficult without any other kids
  • I’m not too worried about coworking places and other digital nomads actually : ) But nice to have

I want this question to be useful to other people as well so I would appreciate any comments really. I found only one topic so far, ‘how was Santiago for digital nomads?’. Let’s give Chile more love (comments).

Thanks, Borys

Santiago is actually close to nature too. It’s one of the few cities in the world, where you can ski in the morning and go to the beach in the afternoon.

That said, if you like more nature, I would try northern Patagonia. I stayed about 2 months in Puerto Varas near lake Llanquihue and it didn’t get boring.

PV is a beautiful and quiet tourist town, very walkable with a beach, lots of cafes and restaurants and the Chilean version of a Walmart. There’s a very small expat community, who are working in the tourist sector. In summer there’s some kind of festival just about every weekend on the main square.

There’s some German influence in PV and around the lake from the 1800s immigrations, most noticable in Frutillar. You can go there by bike or by bus.

Buses take you to every other place around the lake and also to:

  • Petrohue Waterfalls
  • Lago Todos Santos for Hiking
  • Puerto Montt for the closest city (not the most beautiful city in the world)
    For more interesting places including perfectly cone-shaped Osorno Volcano, you can book a tour.

Interesting overnight trips in the area include:

  • Cochamo Fjord and National park for great hiking and sports climbing
  • Valdivia for a lively university city with beaches and a famous German brewery
  • Chiloe island for special island culture and very laid back Chileans (best with own transport and 3+ days)
  • Bariloche, Argentina is just over the border and also in a very beautiful setting close to 7 lakes.

ah, lots of insights, I’ll check it out, thanks!

Hi @borowis .

I’m a chilean, and I lived many years in santiago and viña del mar (from santiago to the coast).

I Agree pretty much with everything that @floc said.

Other cool place maybe Viña del mar. Viña is a beach city, has many beautiful places nearby, and its close enough from santiago. Great place for the summer, but may get a little crowded on January and February. Good if you’re looking to have fun, but not so much if you’re looking for somewhere to relax.

Santiago has the benefit of being a large city where you can find everything you need, but may get really crowded and the air its very polluted. But if your’e coming on summer it may get way too hot and dry.

Puerto varas is a really beautiful place and you get to see the beauty of the south of chile. It may get very rainy and cold every now and then on the summer.

Hope this is helpful

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