Best place to stay in Bangkok?

Hey nomads!

Will be flying into Bangkok from NY the second week of March to start off my travels & then move to the South of Thailand.

Anyone have any recommendations for stay in Bangkok?

Thanks nomads!

Depends on what you like to do. It’s generally Sukhumvit or Khao San.The former being newer Bangkok with malls and high rise apartments (I preferred Sukhumvit apartments on airbnb, they’re nice and you can get away from the city noise.) It also depends on budget.

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It depends on your budget.

I lived there for a year and stayed near On Nut bts. It was 20,000 baht/month for a 2 bedroom 60sqm brand new condo. It was convenient as I was 500m from the BTS and about 20 minutes of travel from Asoke.

I recommend it if you can get by with a bit of thai.


Sweet! Thanks for the suggestions.
I should have been a bit more clearer- I will only be in Bangkok for a short couple of days. Hostel suggestions? Certain area of town to look in?

Thanks!! :wink:

If you only stay for a couple of days, try accommodations in Banghlampu or Sam Sen area near the river in Old Bangkok (also called Phra Nakhon or Rattanakosin on booking sites like Agoda). There’s something for every budget. Quiet Sam Sen area is my favorite to stay.

From Banghlampu/Sam Sen, you can reach most of the major attractions by taking the River Express Boat from Phra Athit Pier and metered taxis are also dirt cheap. You can even walk to some of the sights, if you can manage the heat.

Some sights to look into with their respective express boat stops:

  • Dusit Throne Hall, Vimanmek Teak Palast and Wat Benchamabophit Marble
    Temple (The Wet Pier)
  • Grand Palace (Tha Chang Pier)
  • Wat Pho and Wat Arun (Tha Tien Pier)
  • Medical Museum and river temple (Wang Lang Pier)
  • Little India and Chinatown (Memorial Bridge Pier)
  • Asiatique upscale river market with ferris wheel (switch to free
    shuttle boat at Saphan Taksin Pier)

Here’s a map I made for a friend. It’s called walking tour, but metered taxis are dirt cheap, if you don’t wanna walk.

Here’s another map, if you wanna visit sights by “Hop on Hop off” Bus Nr. 53 (It’s just a regular bus going in a circle around Old Bangkok, but you can use it as a hop on hop off bus, every ride is like 10 Cents)

Here’s a map with the locations of some of the most interesting sub culture districts such as Little India, Soi Arab, Chinatown, Sam Sen, Khao San Road and red light district Soi Cowboy

There are a gazillion of museums spread around Old Bangkok (Rattanakosin) and you can get a 200 Baht Museum pass to visit as many of them as you like. My favorite is Museum Siam near Wat Pho.

Banghlampu is also the area, where infamous Khao San road is located, but you never have to go there. It’s just a very small street, that makes for an interesting stroll, especially after dark.

Sukhumvit is a really bad idea to base yourself for travelers, unless you are really, really into shopping or red light districts. None of the major attractions are connected by Skytrain or Metro (yet) and traffic in New Bangkok is much worse than in Old Bangkok.

If you absolutely want to base yourself away from Old Bangkok, better try Silom near a river express boat stop rather than Sukhumvit.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t visit Sukhumvit. The whole Bangkok shopping mall experience is crazy, especially Terminal 21. Also Soi Arab (Soi Sukhumvit 3) is one of my favorite places to eat exotic food in town (esp. Ethiopian). Also the many seedy parts of Sukhumvit like Nana or Soi Cowboy make for an interesting stroll.

But half a day in Sukhumvit is enough as a traveler. You can take the Khlong canal boat from Banghlampu/Democracy Monument to Sukhumvit, which is a great experience in itself.

Hope you like your stay, Bangkok is my favorite place in the world! :wink:


This is awesome. Thank you!!!

I’m a Thong Lo (Skvmt Soi 55) kind of guy.

One of the few neighborhoods in Bangkok I can tolerate for any length of time without going too crazy.

It’s kind of a bougie neighborhood, but it’s not that pretentious. It has bougie amenities.

There’s a few great coffee shops around there like Roast.

Good restaurants all around like Suppanniga Eating Room.

Places to hang out like SceneSpace.

The other side of Skvmt (Soi 38) turns into a street food street at night.

Close proximity to co-working spaces.

Not too far from the train.

Great happy hour at a cool bar down the street called Bad Motel.

The place I stay there is called Grass Suites.

It’s an Ikea cheapy chic hotel, where basically, you get your own one-bedroom apartment. There is a kitchen in each room. Washing machine and some have bedrooms that are separate from the kitchen and small “living room” area.

Also, something that is nice is there is a great coffee shop called Boy Coffee right outside the front door of the hotel.

The place is a great value.

You have to book on Agoda.

I am usually able to book for around $42usd/ night.

For some reason, I don’t see them on Agoda right now. I just stayed with them for a month back in October, so who knows.

If that hotel is not available I always stay at Suite 41 (Skvmt 41) - and that’s also a great value, and a cool little Japanese pocket around there, but not as convenient as Thong Lo. I have gotten a room there for $32/ night. You can negotiate them down if you are staying longer.

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If you want a very cheap hotel, I stay about 10 days in lanphu house Bangkok koh san road :
The cheapest rooms (shared batthroom) are at 280 bahts (about 7€). They have also better room at 900 bahts I think but not tested. I stay here because they have a nice terrace where you can work all the days (or night). With free and correct WIFI. You have picture here :
I hate work in my room of the hotel, so this place was good for me.
You have also a very good coworking in bkk : they have also a terace/garden when you can work (don’t like work inside :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Hi Jamil,

Could you tell me the name if the condo you were staying at? I’m looking for a place to stay in BKK for a year too.

There are many nice places to stay in Bangkok e.g. the tourist areas like Khaosan, Sukhumvit, Siam Center.

However if you like to stay near the airport link, safe, quite and easy to go to many places, I suggest the places near Phaya Thai station as it is just 5 mins from City center and it is the huge station connecting between airport link (30mins from the main airport) and BTS (the main Sukhumvit line).
Airbnb is a good website to find the places in this area.

I would suggest this place

because it is just 3 mins(by walk) from Phaya Thai station and also this building is nice and quite.
Hope my answer can help you guys:)

I personally found Sukhumvit as the best area for myself

Hey Jon!

I was at the Farmer’s Market on Sunday and decided to stroll through Thong Lo along Sukhumvit Rd. I was trying to see what all the excitement was about, but I didn’t find anything. Do I need to walk down the Soi’s to find these places? I wasn’t super impressed and I certainly didn’t think it was bougie.

Saphaipae Hostel is great. I always stay there when I’m in BKK. It’s right next to Surasak BTS, 5 minutes of walking to the river, and the hostel is extremely clean. The beds are very comfortable, probably the biggest mattresses you’ll ever find at a hostel, the staff is very friendly, and you get a pretty good free breakfast in the morning. It’s not the typical cereal and bread that you get almost everywhere else. They actually cook breakfast food.

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You’d have to walk up Soi55 about 10 - 15 minutes to get into the thick of it. Up that way is Scene Space, Wine Republic, the bar Iron Fairies, the bar Bad Motel, etc…

I was able to find it. Thank you : )

Sukhumvit there’s an awesome hostel called Analog which is cool. Otherwise Hotel Cha Cha near Khao San