Best places for local, organic food and strong internet outside of South East Asia?

Where can I find locally sourced, organic (or at least non-GMO) and also be able to work with strong internet?
I did a search but didn’t find much info. We love Bali and the food here is amazing, we are just looking to try somewhere else out (preferably somewhere in Europe) after a long time in Asia. We also loved the Northern Rivers area in Australia and want to find similar food offerings and compare our options!

I’m curious were is the Northern Rivers area of Australia? I have asked 3 Australian and none of them know what you mean.

In answer to your question you may want to give more information. Are you happy with a wet climate then Ireland might be suitable for your needs. What is your budget? I’m sure Italy would provide a lot of what you are looking for and France too. In fact I think any country you wanted in Europe could but it would ultimately boil down to the other factors you are looking for.

Thanks for the response toto. The Northern Rivers area is in Northern NSW, about 2 hours south of Brisbane. Byron Bay is a pretty big surf town and there are some great organic farmers markets. The internet could be stronger but I was able to get a fast enough connection to work well and it was an amazing spot. Highly recommend it.
I would be happy with a wet climate if that meant that the local food is grown without GMOs. I know the beef in Ireland is all pasture raised and grass fed, which is awesome, but couldn’t find enough info on the regulations about GMOs.
We are lucky enough that we can go with a higher budget.
The main thing is I ant to be able to trust that the local food has not been doused with dangerous pesticides and that I would be able to walk into any cafe or restaurant and eat without worry about the sourced food there.
Any info would be appreciated, I was hoping for great first hand experience because all of my research doesn’t show it online. Thanks!

Bite the bullet and hit the Big Apple. The Union Square Farmers market is the best on the planet. There’s true raw pressed juice everywhere. Starbucks internet is better than India. Organic, health consciousness in the States is way better than Europe. Supplements and superfoods are all over. New York is easier than London. Only trick is to ace a flat.

The Starbucks comment is meant to be ironic, right?

Chiang Mai has plenty of healthy food. Byron Bay in Australia is another hippie enclave. I live in Bali and enjoy the great healthy food. Although I love GMOs too.

I think you should consider Mokrin House. Our location is urban but rurally located, it has internet that has download speed of 100mbps and we by most of our food from local farmers, and even grow some of our food on the estate.

We are located in Serbia, Europe, only 2 km from the Romanian border and 20 km from the Hungarian. Check out this video that I did a few days ago.

Europe, for sure! In most European countries, GMOs are banned from being grown, which means anything local is non-GMO. You’ll also find tons of organic (called “bio” here) all over the place. In particular, I’ve had great luck with organic options everywhere from Switzerland to Slovenia to Belgium. There are only a couple European countries that do allow GMOs (Spain is the big one), but for the most part you’re in good shape if you are buying local.

Thanks, that is great feedback! Any specific cities you liked in Switzerland, Slovenia, or Belgium?