Best SIP/VOIP service for small remote teams?

Hi everyone,

we are a very small remote german company (3 at the moment) but we are expanding and three new colleagues will be working for us in the upcoming weeks/months. Up until now, we used Skype and my regular mobile phone line for all the intern/support and selling calls but since we will have soon other people working for support and selling too, we need to profesionalice that aspect.

In your opinion and experience, what is the best and more cost efficient VOIP / SIP service that we could use? Thanks!

For video and web conferencing, Zoom is easily the best and free for your needs.

For sales calls, I do not know how this works.

For remote teams, slack is a excellent and free for you too. It’s best when it’s everyone’s first port of call and good for managing projects, on-boarding new employees, has plug-ins for deploying code, and so on.

Hi Luis, we recently switched from Skype to Voicerules for our customer service helpline calls after Skype numbers stopped the facility to record personal greetings. We found the service superior to what was on offer from Skype and our costs are less than they were. However we don’t use it for ‘internal’ calls as it were so if most of your calls are Skype to Skype it may work out more expensive for that. They have great customer service too!

Hi! thank you so much for your answers.

@ajsnewman For internet meetings, we are currently using Skype but we will try Zoom this week. It looks great. We also use Slack for short conversations or 1:1 audio calls.

The topic I’m currently more interested in right now is how do we organize our support calls from and to our clients .

At the moment, we are only two of us doing this work and since we are both co-founders, we use our current private mobile phones and landlines but of course, as soon as we will have two dedicated employees we need to professionalize this and organize this better. The cost factor is an important one.

@Lori_Miller thanks for the advice. Voicerules looks quite good. I will run some cost calculations to see how much it could cost us. If I understand it correctly, Voicerules offers more or less, the same feautres than Didlogic. I will take a deeper look at it.

Thank you for you inputs and recommendations!

Exactly the same setup.
@ajsnewman Sales calls work fine to dial in.
Zoom can be a bit cumbersome as you need to install software if you need to present something

For places where data is not consistent, Skype seems to handle variable / bad data best. Dialpad offers some business features not in Skype if you need call routing / auto attendant and such. We use Jive + call forwarding to Skype as we need some physical desk phones at our permanent office.