Best things to do in Vicenza, Italy?

Hey everyone!

I’ll be spending a few weeks (11/25 - 12/15) in Vicenza, Italy and want to know if you have any recommendations on things to do/see while there. I’m open to traveling to nearby countries and cities as my schedule will be pretty open. I love being outdoors - hiking, swimming, etc., but realize December isn’t the most ideal time for those types of things.

What are your favorite things to do around here?


Never been in Vicenza, but while there you should absolutely go to Verona (of course), Padova, Cittadella (amazing city walls) and Marostica. In December also Castelfranco Veneto is nice if you like Christmas markets. Enjoy!

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A couple day trip ideas in addition to mpic’s excellent suggestions:

  • Do a balsamic vinegar factory making tour in Modena
  • Parmesan cheese factory in Parma
    There are a couple ones in particular I’d highly recommend, but not sure if I can put links here or not… DM me if you’re interested.

Must see the Olympic Theater in Vicenza, it’s beautiful! The Teatro Olimpico is the first indoor theater in masonry in the world, with interiors made of wood, stucco and plaster.It was constructed by architect Andrea Palladio, between 1580 and 1585, when it was inaugurated. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Very cool! hadn’t heard of most of those so will def check it out.

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