Best Voip for mobile use

im looking for a voip provider that offers inbound and outbound calls to all countries.
I want to replace my swedish sim card with a voip number so i dont get charged alot while traveling, does anyone have a stable voip provider to recommend?

Hey @flipchan, for over five years I use a Polish VoIP provider, who is not the best in design/app development, but their rates (counted in cheap currency - PLN) and call service reliability are the main reasons why I stick with them.

Besides using it periodically in my British LTD with both British and Polish VoIP landline numbers my father use their services heavily in a local car repair service in Poland.

The site FCN (dot) pl may be not in English, but as I checked the dashboard is fully translated. It’s also fairly easy to setup mobile app and do extra setup like allow calls is selected business hours or record voice mails and send the recordings to email.

I’m happy to help if you decide using FCN.

can u get a uk number with fcn? I can only see polish numbers

For some features, you need to contact the support. They offer a UK number if you can prove that you have a business or some permanent address there. In my case, it’s a British LTD I run there.

Alternatively, if you want to have all the setup in your phone, try an app called “Hushed”. I used it for a short period, but in general, they offer mobile/landline numbers from many countries for calling and texting both ways.

You could try a Uk based company called soho66 (I dont work for them!)
I’ve found them very helpful. If you drop them an email they will be more than happy to help you.