Best way to connect with "local" nomads using Nomadlist?

Hi, I’ve seen that Nomad List offers different options that could work for connecting with other nomads that are in the same place as me (forum, Slack, user maps, matches and maybe even more options I haven’t seen), but I’m not sure what is the best/recommended way to use all these options.

Should I use all of them? Start with a message in the forum and/or Slack?

Sending private messages to a lot of people feels a little bit “aggressive”. And matches are not based on current location if I understood it correctly.

By the way, I just arrived at Budapest :slight_smile:


Hi :wave:

I have a similar question, quite new here and wondering if you have a system for meeting other nomadlist users in the same city? As @migueltic points, there are different options available and not sure what works best for that purpose.

Thank you!

+1, same question

Hi! Thanks for asking. It’s a bit basic right now but all messaging goes through Slack. So the [message] buttons on the website are forwarded there. Easiest way is to send a DM to specific people when you’re coming to their town or place. If you’d like to look for a group of people in a city, best to use the city channels like #budapest.

Thanks for answering levelsio!

I don’t use Slack for other purposes and didn’t noticed that there were “hidden” channels you have to search dedicated to different places.

Solved! :slight_smile:

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