Best way to create a company as web dev freelancer to work with french and world companies



I’m french and I’m leaving Paris and my current full time job. In a few month, I’ll move to Bali to be a fresh digital nomad in web development. I learn about the different possibilities to create my own business and I would have feedbacks. what’s the best ? I’ve an opportunity to work with my actual french company as a freelancer, remotly, on specific missions.
But I don’t know If I have to create my company in France to continue working with them or maybe one in Singapour like with I don’t know if it’s it easy to work with a french company with a singapore company. I then plan to find other missions with fewer time differences, (Australia …)

If someone could help me :slight_smile: thanks!



I’d suggest creating LTD in Britain. This is what I do since 2014 and you can work with any company from any country. Of course there is also the local accountant within each company, that can have a problem with filling invoices from your new venture.

Ask your current client first, how they see it. If it’s fine, then proceed.