Best way to create a company as web dev freelancer to work with French companies

I’m French and I’m leaving Paris and my current full time job. In a few month, I’ll move to Bali to be a fresh digital nomad in web development. I learn about the different possibilities to create my own business and I would have feedbacks. what’s the best ? I’ve an opportunity to work with my actual french company as a freelancer, remotly, on specific missions.
But I don’t know If I have to create my company in France to continue working with them or maybe one in Singapour like with I don’t know if it’s it easy to work with a french company with a singapore company. I then plan to find other missions with fewer time differences, (Australia …)

If someone could help me :slight_smile: thanks!


I’d suggest creating LTD in Britain. This is what I do since 2014 and you can work with any company from any country. Of course there is also the local accountant within each company, that can have a problem with filling invoices from your new venture.

Ask your current client first, how they see it. If it’s fine, then proceed.

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I would suggest to look at Estonia. The largest benefit is low-cost setup and easy online management after incorporation.

You would also need local accountant and “legal” contact person, but compared to accountants fees in UK these would be “peanuts”.

I’d recommend taking a look at the Estonian eResidency program. It allows you to run your company with minimal costs (about 80 EUR per month, depending on your needs) from anywhere in the world. This is relatively unique because Estonia’s program is made for people like us, where in other countries it’s sometimes impossible or at least inconvenient to run a company without renting an office or being a resident.

Companies like LeapIN offer good service to help you get started with an Estonian OÜ company.

If you’re a web dev, invoice clients directly, and don’t need a payment gateway such as Stripe, take a look at Georgia.

Setting up a Virtual Zone Limited company is quite cheap and straightforward (but requires a trip to Tbilisi), and you’ll pay 0% VAT & corporate taxes on all IT-related foreign sourced income.