Best way to find a basic room/flat in Prague?

Have been stalking craigslist for weeks. Quite a few properties posted. But after sending 20 inquiries have 0 replies. Beginning to wonder if it’s a city that requires on-the-ground apartment hunting. Can anyone who’s been through Prague before clue me in?

Will be there from April 10th until July. Need a basic, short-term, central room rental. Nothing fancy. Will be working from a co-working space. Under 9000 CZK seems reasonable from what I’ve seen.

P.S. If anyone else is Prague-bound this summer and room hunting, leave a note! Definitely up for sharing a place with other nomads. Or just hanging out / having co-working sessions.

Hi Maggie, I’m a Czech and former real estate agent from Prague.

(haven’t been home for the last 5 years but I doubt something has changed :smiley: )

Forget craigslist, nobody uses it there. But definitely not a city that requires on-the-ground apartment hunting. Everyone, including their cat & dog is online :smiley:

The best bet would be here

also or with G Translator this &

You may be required to pay bit more as rentals are usually for 6-12 months. Own room under 9k CZK is easy, but probably not in Prague 1. Anyway the public transport in Prague is dirt cheap, reliable and fast.


Amazing - thank you @Jakub! House desperation over.
I had a feeling I was just looking in the wrong corners of the internet. So many great rooms listed on those sites.

We found by negotiating through AirBnB, targeting rooms with ≈ our night budget x2, then sending standard email. Thanks Jakub for the new websites :slight_smile: We’ll try next time.

Hi Maggie !

I’m also looking for a place in Prague !
For Aprils 15th until June 15th. If you are looking for a roommate, let me know ! :smiley: Also if you hear anything too :slight_smile:

Hi Jakub !
If not Praha 1, then which other neighbourhood is nice to stay ?
Nice meaning, close to market, park, cafes etc.

Thanks !

Oh shoot, just missed this & found a single room rental. Would still love a coffee meet-up & chat while we’re the city though! PM when you’re there.
Re: other good neighbourhoods - I’ve heard Praha 3 & 7 have great local spots.

Took the suggestion @Philippe posted above of emailing AirBnb hosts directly and asking for a lower rate. Worked like a charm - found a great place in Praha 10 for 7500 CZK. I’d reccomend hunting that way. Didn’t always get great responses emailing people from the czech roommate finder sites.

Also signed up to co-work out of Impact HUB ( which looks like a beautiful option if anyone is looking for a workspot too.

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Thanks Maggie !

Talk soon !

Yea airBnB is overpriced in Prague, so ~ 50% off is fair.

I never liked P-3 … I lived whole time in P-7 which is ideal imo. Five minutes by tram to the Old/New Town, heaps of restaurants, cafes, supermarkets. Two parks close by, cheaper rents than P1/2/5.

Also if you like night clubs - and I mean real night clubs, not the dump for tourist in P1 than most of them is in P7 as well.

Hi Maggie. What do you mean by this? As far as I know, you can’t exchange contact info using Airbnb PMs. So what is the reason of asking hosts about discounts when you can’t actually meet him/her unless you’ve officially booked?

@sergeydumik - “emailing” was the wrong term. I meant just messaging them directly through the Airbnb platform which you can do even if you haven’t booked yet.
Airbnb actually has a built-in function where hosts can offer a special price for certain guests so works pretty seamlessly within the system.

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We lived in Vinohrady, meters from Vinohrady Pavilon, and it was a GREAT location.

Conceerning direct messaging, you could agree on 1 night then switch to direct renting, you could get the discount trough airbnb or you could be clever and find a way to contact directly people :slight_smile: (I used to do it all the time)

I just arrived in Prague and I’m looking for a room or flat.
I’d also like to meet other nomads if some of you are around.

You can also hang out on #nomads#prague channel, or exchange with other nomads and locals on Facebook Groups :smile:

A vague idea for a first meetup in May is growing :smiley:

BTW, @Jakub, thanks for the links :smile:

WOW @Jakub! That was amazing, Im going to Prague at 03/01 and I was about to share a flat with a friend, but your links are even more helpfull!

Hello all :slight_smile: I don’t know if it will be helpful but I found an apartment on for my living in Prague since April 17.

I hope it will be OK, do you have any references or experiences with Flatio?

Flatio seems a bit overpriced, similar to Airbnb for monthly rentals. I found way better prices looking at Real Estate Brokers websites.

I’m also looking for insights on where locals look for apartments, if there’s anyone out there with advice :slight_smile: