Best way to make money as a software developer?

So as the title suggests, what’s the best way to make enough cash to support a lifestyle of coding on the move?

I’m currently a software developer that works for startups, but when it comes to coding i’m quite happy to more or less code anything.

What i’m mainly asking for is validation that someone currently has this lifestyle from coding and did they find that some ways of using it to make money were easier/had more benefits than others?

Thanks and any responses are welcome.


when you say you’re “currently a software developer that works for startups” does this mean you have one employer that you work for, they give you a paycheck every couple of weeks along with healthcare, 401(k), equity, etc? or does this mean that you find a company that needs help, do some coding for them and they pay you for that help, then you move on to the next company?

if it’s the former, go to your employer and ask them if you can start working remotely as a “trial” - say for a few weeks. bust ass and make sure you’re delivering what they want and more. answer e-mails and phone calls / texts in a timely manner so they can see that just because you’re not behind the desk doesn’t mean you’re not working. after the trial is over, discuss and show them it worked out well and ask to work remotely full-time. that’s essentially what i did for nearly 10 years.

if you’re asking “how do i find clients”, that’s another story all together.
there are plenty of resources available but it comes down to either working for yourself - as a consultant / coder-for-hire or monetizing your own projects.

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Writing and selling software, like writing and selling wordpress plugins.

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There are more and more regular companies that hire remote developers. I’m a developer working remotely at a company for over 2 years now making the same money as I would in the office. As I’m sure anyone out there, I wouldn’t mind working for myself or have my own startup but it does fully support my traveling lifestyle and I love it! I found this job on

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