Best way to transfer money to Vietnam? P2P?

My verification on has just been rejected and they removed my account. Just because logged in from Thai IP address to their system.

Showing my passport, saying that i’m a resident of Estonia and i’m nomading around all the time didn’t mae any difference. No explanation, no argumentation, just plain ‘we don’t do business with Thailand’ like a robot.

So what would they do if i verified being in different country? Ip discrimination is stupid.

Any other alternatives that work with Asia? There is, which only works with India, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore for now. I was more looking into something that could get me money in Vietnam.

Hey skat,
Why dond’t just pick an ip of the country of your origin/passport (via vpn) and do business with them from there. Maybe you also have a homebase there (Family/Siblings/Friends) to produce any physical mail, or using a forwarder service?
Why should this be stupid. Would this cause any difficulties for you now, or in the long run?
Best, Max