Bring external monitor to SE asia and avoid coworking cost?

Would it be advisable or wacky to lug an external monitor from the US in hopes of avoiding coworking costs by working from Airbnb with decent wifi? I’m not sold on coworking spaces, and like the solitude of coding away in my own little airbnb space. One screen is limiting to productivity, hence the love of an external monitor. Thoughts?

You could lug one, or buy one over here. I got mine for $100. And they should be pretty easy to sell when you leave.

I think the suggestion to buy one locally makes more sense, unless you’re very particular about your brand/model of monitor. As long as you’re not going to a super rural area, there will be an electronics store or office supply place that sells monitors.

On the other hand, if you’re moving frequently, it might actually be less of a hassle to bring your monitor instead of buying and reselling at every stop.

If you’ve tried co-working and it’s not your thing, cool. But if you haven’t yet, I’d say give it a shot before writing it off. I thought it would be distracting and terrible for my productivity, but I adapted very quickly and it actually makes me more productive. And some of the most meaningful connections I’ve made have been through meeting people at coworking spaces.

Is there a version of Craigslist where you can buy and sell things like monitors?

I’ve tried coworkng spaces in SF and I honestly didn’t give it a fair shake. Do most places offer a week’s plan to try and see if you like it? I suppose most airbnb’s are unlikely to have an ergonomic workspace anyway, so coworking might make a lot of sense…

No we don’t have Craigslist. There are tons of FB groups for selling things.

Free week is uncommon in my experience, but most of my experience is US and Europe, so I have no idea what you’ll find in SE Asia (different cultures, etc).

By the way, my personal recommendation is to find newer and/or smallish coworking offices. People are much more interested in meeting their coworkers when you’re the new face in a group of 10 - 30 people, compared to being another new face in a group of 100 - 400. My favorite coworking connections were made in places that had less than 20 regular members. May god help them keep their doors open and survive financially.

I got a $5 thin hdmi 15’ cable from monoprice and hook up to almost every tv I’ve come across. Much easier than carrying a monitor around. You might need a converter or plug if your laptop doesn’t have an hdmi out port. I don’t co-work, since I travel with family and don’t want the extra expense.

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I traveled for about 2 years with a different airbnb every 2 weeks - 1 month, and brought my laptop, a backup laptop, and an external USB monitor ( 16" matches my laptop, and lets me work from anywhere, no worry about commuting to coworking space etc… No idea why anyone would want to worry with meeting up with someone and buying something then selling it again, when you can slide it in your same bag as your laptop and be set for the same price. ($150)

We also source some of our furnished apartments via airbnb when it’s financially possible, and most all of them have large flat screen TVs. My laptop is 17" and works fine for coding, but when my eyes are tired, I don’t mind hooking up to the 42+ inch screens in the apartment. I don’t see the benefit for smaller second screens, even to extend my desktop, but I am not doing design or layout, and don’t really care about the color spectrum or calibration of the screen. Maybe that’s why just a super light cord suffices for me. :slight_smile:

Ymmv, I used to carry asus usb monitor but eventually got rid of it. I go to cafes every day for couple of hours after getting bored to sit by myself in my Airbnb, and I can’t really use it there.

How often are you planning on moving around? I’d just buy one here. I know lots of friends who prefer having the ability to work from home/airbnb and buy a cheap monitor as soon as they arrive. Cost per use easily pays itself off if you stay 2-3months+

Ive actually lugged one around for years in its own box (finally sold it off when I took off again recently) and yup, buy if you can but im also spoiled by 4k right now and buying another 4k to use isnt an inexpensive option yet. Otherwise if you’re just using regular “full HD”, yeah even IPS HD monitors have become very cheap and common now

The HDMI Chromecast might be an option too. I used it to upskill from the couch while on a recent house-sit.

I haven’t tried it for coding, but I think I would struggle to maintain focus on a screenful of data that was on the other side of the room.