Can anyone recommend a platform for remote jobs?

I’m currently on UpWork, PPH, Guru and Fiverr but it feels like I’m grasping at straws here. It takes a long time to apply for each job and then wait for the reply. Even still, most of the jobs are small and not recurring.

I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for finding remote jobs (as in ones that are recurring)?

I know of a few out there like remoteok and all the sites it pulls from but they all seem to be jobs for experienced techies. Looking at the job board today I see the word, ‘senior’ and ‘principal’ showing up constantly.

My biggest skill is around video but I can do web development as well as a junior. Does anyone know a platform or group where I could find remote jobs more suited to me?

I appreciate any feedback. Thankyou!


I still respond to senior postings. You never know when they might also be looking for a Junior or have another opening that might fit your skills.

You should have a look at we are hiring on this platform for our startup and made a very good experience so far - especially with the highly skilled and motivated developers we found there.


For the devs out there, I would recommend, from which I’m getting quality clients and good rates, but I think it’s only for developers.

We have all been here.

First off I recommend always asking questions like this to threads but also include a website or Twitter link so if people have a need they can find more info about you and your skills.

Another thing that has worked for me is ask the network be in Facebook friends and Linkedin - it has worked for me and my friend group in the past.

Check out if there are any meet ups or startup grind events in your area - this rarely works but at least you can share experiences with other freelancers over a beer.

Another thing to consider is there a lot of Slack startup / freelancer groups that are city based so look out for them as a great resource for finding work.

Hope that helps.

Related, but not really for “jobs”: Just learned about via producthunt :slight_smile:

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Here’s the list I usually check:


Thank you everyone for your responses!

It’s funny, two weeks ago I couldn’t get anything. Now a bunch of jobs are flying at me at the one time.

I’ll definitely take a look at your suggestions when this busy period dies down

As someone more on the other side of the hiring process, I would recommend joining groups where your key employer might hang out. For instance, I’m in a number of online marketing and copywriting groups on both Facebook & Skype. I feel better about hiring someone from within those groups b/c I feel like there’s a better chance that they ‘get’ my particular part of the online world.

Occasionally, I’ll post in that group and say “hey do you know a good programmer” or copwriters/designer/webdev/etc … if I can get a recommendation from someone I know in the group, even better.

I’m even willing to pay more per hour if someone demonstrates that they ‘get’ my business. Endless hours over-explaining and spec’ing projects has led me here. English speaker is great… and knowing the languages of marketing is even better. :slight_smile:

I can recommend PPH.

Portfolio sites often have a section that discusses jobs (for example Behance or Dribbble).

You can also find some on websites about startups:
Asian startups

Gigster or Crew could also be interesting.

This cheatsheet has helped some of my friends to find gigs.

Full blog post about best remote job sites. Also some stuff there about recommended approaches to finding remote jobs (beyond boards).

Bumping this thread as I’m looking into this - if anyone looks for a UXer/Front-Ender :wink:

Here is my input:


Just went through this list and opened a bunch of tabs: After the pain of filling out yet another profile with yet another resume and yet another list of my (many) former positions, it kinda sucked realizing that Transformify only had seven positions listed, all of which they’d listed for themselves. I’m assuming the project is dead. seems like a much better bet. I’ll update this post if I have better / worse luck with any of the others.