Can I bring my computer monitor on an airplane and through customs?

Hello dearest nomads,
My girlfriend and I are heading to Argentina for three months, we both work remotely and want to bring our monitors with us.
Does anyone have experience regarding if this will trigger concerns with customs, either for taxes (less important) or lack of work permit (more important).
We both work for my own company which is based in US.
Thanks in advance!

If I remember well when entering in Usa again you should demonstrate that you already had your “expensive gadgets” before leaving the country, otherwise you’ll have to pay taxes on them. I don’t think it ever happens but theoretically it could. The best we can do is to always keep copies of receipts on our Dropbox or equivalent, just to be sure. Actually when I travel I bring my Asus 15" USB-C powered second monitor with me.

+1 what mpic said and like he said, nobody ever asked for any receipts and any country - but yes, technically they could. I also bring a Asus 15’’ ZenScreen (the USB-C kind). Sometimes airport security doesn’t even wanna see it as I usually leave it in my backpack (they always just ask for the laptop :man_shrugging:) , sometimes it’s a little hard to explain (don’t speak any Russian for example) it’s not a tablet and I can’t “turn it on” (I guess to prove it’s not dangerous/bomb?). Usually when I show them the cable and say laptop, they get it :smiley: Nobody every asked for a work permit, if they do ask you what it’s for and you don’t want to say work, just say for watching movies or playing strategy games :thinking:

However, I did notice that I don’t actually use it that much traveling around (vs. long term stays in coworkig spaces) and it’s mostly just 500g I could’ve avoided shlepping around 40°C hot Croatia -.-

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Hey guys,
I want to thank you both for your input. Since this post, our external monitors have remained in-box, in the corner of our buddies place here in LA as we house sit prior to heading on the road.
We’ve already realized a change in perspective that I believe I hope I was looking for in part from this trip in the first place. We just don’t need them.
We’ll of course not be bringing them next week, but just wanted to thank you for offering your real-world nomad perspective.

:slowclap: that’s a powerful paradigm shift in transitioning to nomad lifestyle - coming to terms with luxuries you don’t really need. Yes, doubling your screen real-estate has efficiency improvement potential, but it takes space in your bag and adds weight to your luggage.


It depends what kind of nomad you are, or better how you are nomad. I work full time for a company which allows me to be almost wherever I like but I should try to work in parallel with my colleagues in Europe and if I’m not at home or in a Coworking I should try to keep my efficiency. Said this, a little second monitor is very helpful (the magnetic “Duo” works great for me for instance, check on Kickstarter).
You are right if you work for yourself, if you loose a bit of efficiency you will work a bit more or earn a bit less, not a big deal.