Can I contribute my review to a Playa del Carmen? It was not safe for women

Hello! I just finished my first nomad trip to Playa del Carmen, based on the info here on Nomadlist.

I did NOT find it a safe place for women, in contrast to the calculations from Nomadlist.

One 29-year-old woman was found (dead) in a box in her apt by her boyfriend. Another woman in the fb groups for the area was mugged & robbed the day I left. This year alone several cabbies (many nomads’ main form of transportation) have been found shot dead in their cabs near the main tourist strip. There was military personnel everywhere. In general, I found the energy of PDC to be of scarcity, fear, and taking even without these data points.

I’m not just over-reacting. I am half-Mexican, speak Spanish, and have been to PDC before. I visited Valladolid, Mexico on the same trip and found it to be completely calm, welcoming, and not in a scarcity mindset.

Back to my original question: How can I update the info on NomadList so future women know it is currently not safe for women?