Can I use a bus/train/boat ticket as a departure ticket to get a visa in Thailand?

So either if I choose the 30day-no-visa way, or the 60-day-visa which I have to apply for in the embassy, they require that I have a flight ticket to go back from Thailand, or a ticket to go into another country.

But but… I was thinking of getting out of the country with a different means of transportation, maybe bus/train/boat to go to Cambodia/Laos/Malaysia. Can I explain this to the authorities when they ask me for the 2nd flight ticket, so I don’t need to buy a roundtrip/multi one?

Thanks in advance

I just got my tourist visa for Thailand approved the other week. I created an itinerary on TripIt, and for leaving the country I just put in the slow boat to Laos, which was fine.

As for when you actually leave, check out this topic:

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