Can I use my dual citizenship to enter Thailand with a 30-day visa and use the 3x 60 day visa on my other passport?

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for some advice from people who are dual citizens. I hold dual Italian and British citizenship and I want to visit Thailand later this year. I was planning to get a 3 x 60 visa on my Brit passport, but it looks like I might need to travel out of Thailand a month after first arriving there. I don’t really want to burn one of my 60 day entries like that so I thought, what if I first enter with my Italian passport and just get the normal 30 day visa on arrival? Then when i return I can use my first 60 day on the Brit passport.
does any one have experience of this and is it doable/OK?

Many thanks!

Should be totally fine to do that. The other thing you can do is ask the Thai government for a re-entry permit so that your next entry doesn’t count towards your total. This is okay for short trips of 7-14 days, not sure how long you’re going to be outside Thailand for. I have no experience with doing this but heard of a friend using this once, google it for more info. It’s not a hard process if you’re in a major city.

Hi Sarab,

I’m a US/Germany dual citizen. I’ve travelled to Thailand extensively on both passports and have never had a problem. You should be fine.

Hi, thanks for this. How/when/where do I apply for the re-entry permit? Do you have any links on this?

Thanks! Great news :smile:

You can get a re-entry permit at any immigration office in Thailand - mostly in major cities. You can also get one at the airport, they have a desk at passport control just before you leave the country. It costs 1,000 baht though so using your other passport would be cheaper. Thanks for making me realise there might be some use after all for my US passport!

But you will have to fly out/in. They check stamps at land borders.

Hi, I am not sure what you mean by this comment in terms of stamps? I am not trying for them not to see my stamps. Can you clarify? Thanks!

@Sarab At land border entry points, Thai immigration always checks if your passport has exit stamp from the country you just left.

thanks! Now I’m clear! thanks everyone