Can I work remotely for US companies as a non-US citizen?

Hello, folks!
My name is Andry, I’m software developer from the Eastern Europe.

I’m trying switch to nomad-style lifestyle.

However, there is a problem: money. I definitely can work remote on sites like odesk/elance, and gain, say, $3000/month. It’s enough for living, but it’s sounds not so good for my savings.
I assume, that I’d need some money after that crazy life for the cozy life. 401k, if you know, what I mean.

As I see, most of you, mates, are from 1st world countries, such as USA or Canada or Australia, etc. So, you do have a choice - work remotely for companies from your countries, or try to do your own business. May be freelance is an option too, but I don’t see the way for me really to gain more than 3K on freelance. It requires really good manager skills, even more than software development skills.
I don’t have passion for the second option, and wonder about the first one.

Say, I want to work for USA company remotely. Do the right work, gain the right salary (even $70.000/year except taxes), so I’ll be able to do some savings. I’m not USA citizen, and don’t have a H1B visa. Any options on that remote contract?

Saw propositions on It’s definitely unclear for dudes like me. Some USA firm hires people, and yes, remote work is an option as they say in job description. Only for USA people however, I suppose?

I’m totally newbie with that, sorry if that is a stupid question.

Sorry about my english, I feel ashamed, and I do my best to improve it asap. I do hope you’ll understand me btw, I believe.

Hey dude,

Heads up! I am from Eastern Europe too. I am trying to understand why is a problem for you to land a job for US company for example. You do not need visa to work for them remotely as far as I know. You can open a company at your country and make arrangment with company in the US to pay for your services.

Just shoot some applications and make a couple of interviews and I am sure you will find the way!

Good luck

Hey, pal.
I just want to work as an employee. I don’t want my own company, or something like that, worry about company stuff, all things like that. Just write code, and receive my salary.

Hey buddy,

Generally when you are working remotely and the company is in a different country than you are, from a legal standpoint, you are not an employee, but you provide your services as an entity and you provide invoices to the company and get paid. The legal way to provide invoices is to have a company. Depending on where you live, it should be easy to build and register a sole-proprietorship.

Keep all the income and expenses in an excel file and you won’t need an accountant in the beginning. Just get the wheel rolling, after that, you hire an accountant for about 10-20$.

Once you set these up, you can keep writing code and getting money.