Can you create a foreign company and hire yourself as an employee?

Tricky or really dumb question ahah.
So … I know that you can create a company in order to get the nationality but you need to invest a lot (depending the country 20K$ +).
I also know that you can get a visa if a company hires you.
So can you go in a country (picking Colombia as an exemple), pay 100$ to create a company and hire yourself after?
Or can you ask somebody (a friend) to create a company and hire you in order to give you a visa.
Does this visa last until you quit your job or is it just temporary (6 months)?
If you already have a company (let’s say you paid 20£ for a UK company), can you just create a branch in a foreign country and give yourself a job there?

It really depends on which country. Every country has different rules.

In general, you can let your limited company hire yourself and pay yourself salary.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re not taxable on the entire profits of your foreign company in your own country. Many times you still are.

In terms of visa, it extremely depends on country again. Most developed countries will have closed this loophole. And most countries will ask for a substantial sum of investment (in your own company) to get a visa there. I think for U.S. it’s $500,000 at least. Not sure.


So we really need to know what’s your end goal here. What are you trying to get from this?

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My understanding is that you can more or less do that in some countries. Belgium, for example. You still have to pay yourself a pretty decent salary and go through a rather stringent application process.

Others don’t allow for such visas. I asked a couple of immigration consultants in New Zealand and as it turns out you are not allowed to “self-sponsor”.

I’m pretty sure you can do that in Poland and I think in Slovakia too. But you need to pay for accounting, for insurances, taxes as the employer and taxes as the employee. The bottom figures ain’t pretty.

I’m trying to see if there is a loophole to avoid this fee, get 1$ salary a month and be able to stay in the country until I want to move.
As you said it depends of the country, I was thinking about Colombia.
But I don’t think that creating a thread ‘Loophole for free unlimited visa’ is going to stay long on the forum :slight_smile: (legally speaking).

As everyone has said it varies from country to country. In Thailand for example I believe you can’t start a business as a foreigner unless you hire 5 Thais and a bunch of other stuff like that.

I’m also pretty sure you couldn’t do this in the UK, you have to show your passport to become a company director.

And also just because you have a company doesn’t mean you have a visa personally, you’d still have to go through a bunch of paper work and expense.

My instinct is that in 9/10 cases visa runs are much easier, if it was as easy this everyone would be doing it!

It’s the same as getting rich, some try and succeed, you have to master the game ;).

You can’t create a company for $100 in Colombia it will cost you about $1000 with all government/legal fees but it will get you a visa renewable for 2 years. If you want help email me [email protected].

You could share your knowledge here so everybody can have access.

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