Can you give me some examples of non-digital jobs for nomads?

I am doing research into what skills are good for getting work anywhere as you travel - other than working on line. So like craftsmen, a hairdresser… people using skills that are not available locally and so having them as a traveller is an advantage to getting work in the places your are planning on visiting. So, any one working their way around the world and not working on your laptop?

I know a stand-up comedian who books comedy gigs in the places he travels! He does have an online presence, but that mainly serves to showcase his portfolio and show potential venues that he’s not a total unknown.

A couple other friends of mine are an acupuncturist and a masseuse. Sometimes it’s not that these skills aren’t available in the destination; it’s just a matter of getting the word out there and/or offering good prices for new clients.

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I used to accidentally become a DJ for a bar in Hanoi, worked two hours every night for free drinks and a free hotel room, but still needed my laptop to do the mixes.

I’ve heard of several:

Tourism careers:

  • Cruise lines
  • Airplane staff
  • Tour guide (great if you’re bilingual)


  • TEFL
  • Can teach uni students conversational English
  • Can teach anything anywhere, really.


  • Chef - Other than the stereotypical sense of being a chef and travelling around. Someone was reportedly doing “pop up restaurants” of his home cuisine in his airbnb apartments. If you do 3 course menus at €50/head for 10 people, it quickly adds up and do 3 a week, it will add up.
  • Hairdressing - some people reportedly charge in hostels $5/hair cut etc and it can add up if you’re fast and live cheaply

Think a little outside of the box and you may be able to do it.

Shayna, thanks for the info. Can you give me the stand ups web address. I’d love to contact him and get some stories from him :slight_smile:

A friend lived in a hostel where one guy was ex-military (one of those hardcore bits, I know nothing about military) and he charged people to “hang out” with him while he trained. I think the “hang out” bit was absolve himself of any need to get personal trainer certifications and from any responsibility if people got hurt! - looks like he hasn’t updated the site itself in a while, but is active on FB and Twitter. He’s been traveling for 10+ years so I’m sure he’s got some great stories!

One of my closest friends met a girl in a hostel where her way of living & traveling was going from hostel to hostel giving dance lessons.

Goncalo, thats a great story, do you have a contact for her so I can see if she is interested in being in the story?

Sorry, I don’t… He didn’t keep contact with her, it was just one of those singular encounters you have while traveling.

I’m a professional speaker. Currently, I have around 80 bookings per year, and the fee is high enough to cover airline cost, at least from the same part of the world. I’ll be riding around Europe on my motorcycle, and the riding to where the client is, or part the bike at the hotel or airport, go do the seminar, and then fly back and continue riding. I’ll share experiences on my blog along the way, on

Exodus in 8 days, with no end date planned.

I’ve met several couchsurfers/nomads who travel by teaching yoga and/or woofing (or something similar)

Mishal Moore is a singer/songwriter funding her European travels by doing living room concerts. [email protected]

This is a great list put together by eternal nomad Wandering Earl, about half of which are non-digital, check it out.

There’s quite a bit of work for instructors in diving, sailing, rock-climbing, etc. At least for diving, you need certifications. Cruise ships and resorts hire musicians, cooks, serving staff, …

Lots of travellers teach English or some other language. Here is an overview article:

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An aggregator job search site. It collects job ads from many other sites, but only jobs that can be done remotely.

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I used to work as a spot operator for some show-touring, playing in some nice cities in Europe and China. The schedule was fast but I got plenty of time as the show was only in the evening. The advantage is that flights and hotels are covered, the down side is that your are not location independent as you need to follow the show.