Can you survive with a part time job in London?

Hi Nomads
I’m planning the first destination of my DN life right now. Ideally I want to move to London. My plan is to find a motel or a privat person through or where I get free accomodation for 5 hours of work 5 days a week.

I then want to find a part time job to cover others costs like food, beer, transport etc. I don’t need a lot to survive. A small part of the income will also go to my new business. I don’t have a lot of expenses through that but not really an income either.

My question is that is this even realistic? Can you make enough from a part time job in London to cover food/transport costs?

Btw. this is only a short term solution from now until the end of the December/New years

Hey hey,

I live in London. Here’s my expenses for a decent shared modern flat. I don’t eat out often or drink too much.

Rent - £1040 (between me and my girlfriend. Includes bills and council tax.)
Travel - £150.80 for travel card.
Food: £200 for big shops. £100 for lunches and whatnot.

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What do you mean by shared flat? you are renting a room?? what zone in london is that?? thanks!

Me and my girlfriend rent an ensuite room with our own balcony, but we’re sharing the kitchen with 3 other people.

It’s Zone 2 (pretty much Zone 3).

It would depend on your schedule because you’d be prioritizing the hostel’s needs and timing over your part-time job. Unless you only work your part-time job on weekends, in which case you’ll be pretty much exhausted since you work 7 days a week, assuming you’re going to continue working on your company after the 5 hours per day. You’re not even going to have much fun in London if you’re working all the time.

The best route would be to work first wherever you are, save up, still work the hostel gig because 5 hours in exchange for accommodation is reasonable, but have some backup cash to tide you through so you can spend time working on your business instead of working part-time.

You don’t have to be a digital nomad to set up your business. Don’t fly until you can confidently afford it. Working your ass off and struggling to make ends meet in part-time jobs isn’t going to be healthy for working on your business, which should be your number one priority.

Sure, it’s possible and stressful, but how are you going to find the time and creativity to launch your startup while working two part-time jobs?

why start in one of the most expensive cities on the planet when you can go elsewhere and do the helpx thing in a place that costs a fraction and still build your business? are you legally authorized to work in the UK?

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London is very expensive, yet outside the professional sector wages are quite low. If you already know you can earn well, then I imagine that you could manage to live there while working part-time, but if you’re thinking about applying for part-time work somewhere, chances are you won’t be able to survive as those kinds of jobs just don’t pay.

That said, there are ways of keeping your accommodation costs down - being a property guardian, for instance (if you Google ‘property guardian’ a number of schemes will come up, the biggest and best known of which is Camelot). You may also be able to find live-in work somewhere - pubs used to offer live-in work, although I’m not sure how common this is now. Or house-sitting, which is what I did while I was getting myself off the ground as a freelancer: I spent a year in a beautiful Georgian mansion just to provide a security presence. That was in Surrey rather than right in London, but I was only half an hour away if I needed to meet with someone or attend an event. I spent £100 a month on food and my other expenses were very limited. (Trusted Housesitters - - is the best of the house-sitting sites.) So yes, it can be done.