Cheapest flight path to Bali from West Coast, US?

I’m making plans to travel from Portland, OR to Canggu, Bali in a little over a month. Looking around at flights now. Can anyone lend experience on the most affordable flight path (airports and airlines) to take?

I subscribe to Scott’s Cheap Flights, but nothing obvious has shown up in that direction (Portland, OR -> Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -> Bali ???). I’ve so far just been looking with Google Flights + Momondo. Any other tips from more experienced travelers are much appreciated.

If you’ll be in Canggu Sep/Oct, I’ll return any favors with tasty eats and cold drinks :tropical_drink: :stew: :blush:

I do not have an answer to your question, but can suggest some things to look at.

I don’t know the West coast, but would Seattle, Vancouver or San Francisco have better flight options than Portland?

Crossing the Pacific is a long hop, often unpleasant. Vancouver-Shanghai, for example, is about eleven hours. Bring a neck pillow and something to amuse yourself (a book for me). If you smoke, bring nicotine gum. If you can afford it, consider going business class.

In my experience & what I have heard from other travellers, Asian airlines are usually better than American or Canadian ones; they have both more cabin staff & a better attitude. The first airline I’d consider would be Singapore Air; very good & they have a discount subsidiary Silk Air that flies Singapore-Bali. Garuda Indonesian Airlines were also good the one time I flew with them, but that was decades ago.

Air Asia are probably the biggest provider of cheap flights in the region. They fly to Bali from their hub, Kuala Lumpur, and I think from quite a few other places. My experience with them has all been good, but that was all relatively short hops like Hong Kong to Cebu (central Philippines). A friend who flew two longer hops, Manila-KL-Australia, with them said both were appalling.

It is likely worth trying to pick a route that lets you transfer at a good airport. Hong Kong & Seoul-Incheon are excellent & I think Seoul is closer to you than anything else in Asia; a Seoul-Detroit flight is about 12 hours. Consider Cathay Pacific and Korean Air or Asiana.

LA/San Fran via Taiwan with Eva Air is cheap and good.

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