Coming from a visa exempt EU country can I extend my stay in Thailand for 30 days or not?

I have just been reading up on the new Thai visa situation and I am very confused as to whether I can extend my ‘visa exempt 30 days stay" by another 30 days at a local immigration office whilst already in Thailand or not? According to the Austrian Foreign ministry website I cannot but then several recently updated travel blogs say you can? And visa runs seem to be more or less out of the question now since the authorities are crackin’ down on that since the Bangkok attacks?

Any EU Europeans had any recent experience with that? Just want to make sure I can avoid trouble.

Yes, you can extend your 30 day Visa exemption by another 30 days.

I’ve personally done this on a German passport in January and my girlfriend did it on a US passport. Afaik immigration practices haven’t changed since. Please correct me if I’m wrong, since I intend to do the same extension next February.

It’s 1900 Baht and takes a couple of hours at your nearest immigration office. The one in Bangkok is unfortunately pretty far out in Nonthaburi.

One thing to keep in mind:
If you need to show an onward ticket because you’re flying in, they usually want to see a ticket in the next 30 days, not in 60 days, even if you explain that you want to extend.

If you need to get around that, I’ve summed up 7 methods to show an onward flight without having one on my German speaking travel blog.

I’d be surprised if Visa runs are a thing of the past. The same day border hop ones are out of the question by now, but if you leave for a week or 2 and get a 2 month Visa in a neighboring country it shouldn’t be a problem at all. No guarantees and you can’t do this back to back too often.

Also there’s the new triple entry 2 month visa now, the so-called “6 month tourist visa” but it’s a pain in the ass to get one.

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Danke floc! Yes, the guys at the Co-working space here in Koh Lanta said the same. No problem getting the 30 day extension across the water at the immigration office in Krabi, which is what I will do, but yes the airline (Emirates) did want to see that I had a return ticket within 30 days before I left at the airport in Europe (which I had :).

If you have a day in Krabi, get a scooter and visit the Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Suea). Most beautiful place in Thailand imho :wink:

If you know what to look for, you can actually see the big Buddha on the mountaintop from town. Wikitravel has a good description, as always.