Welcome! We want to keep Nomad List a fun and spam-free community and you can help by following these guidelines.

- Set a profile photo
Please set a real photo as your profile pic. No logos, memes, cartoons or other pictures that aren’t your entire face.

- Be nice

The most simple rule on this site. Just be nice. Try to help people. Have patience.

- Don’t be mean.

That also means:

- Don’t be sexist, racist or woke, that means no misogyny or misandry. If you think it might offend a lot of people, it’s not for here. If you want to spread self-righteous virtue signaling woke-ness that’s actually masked hostility, don’t do it here. This includes shaming people, for example for flying or eating meat. Go back to Twitter if you want to do that. This site is not a bastion of free speech. Start a blog if you want freedom of speech!

- This site is about digital nomads, NOT about expats
See (not affiliated), if you want to talk expat jobs and work permits. If you want to discuss your 9 to 5 desk job, that’s nice but this also probably isn’t the site for it (unless you’re trying to change towards remote/nomad in a considerable time).

- Do not post job ads
This applies to all work, such as full-time roles to single gigs. There are other sites for that, like Remote OK which also auto-updates #__jobs-feed.

- Don’t self-promote / promote products / act like brand / spam
Don’t promote products/services/startups/web site/social media unless it’s absolutely relevant in the context of the discussion that you are actively engaging in. Artificially seeding conversation to promote falls under the same category. Affiliate links, referral, coupon codes, vouchers, discounts, competition links etc are considered promotional. Links are always nofollow on here, that means you won’t get your SEO juice posting it here at all. Links to competitions are promotional and therefore included.

Also, don’t register as a brand, we’ll disable your account and refund your initial sign-up fee. Please have a profile pic that shows your face. We don’t allow brands on here at any time, unless as a paid advertisement.

We also do not allow any flooding. That means multiple messages in a short/regular timeframe or large posts to grab attention, posting the same content in multiple locations (cross posting) and/or tagging multiple people in messages.

- Link posting will be limited.
To reduce spam, links posted by newly active members may be deleted automatically. Once you regularly participate in the chat, this restriction will be lifted. Any attempt at bypassing the moderation process can lead to account suspension.

- If you want to promote something, you can advertise.
See you’ll help support Nomad List

We have an exception when it’s a 100% non-profit project you’re promoting with no commercial goal now or in the future AND it’s relevant for digital nomads. Approval must be given before posting.

- Don’t ask or give people medical advice.
If you’re sick, see a local doctor. If you’re depressed, find a local or remote therapist. Talkspace is nice (we’re not affiliated). Remember: strangers on the internet probably do not have the answer to your medical or mental condition.

- Don’t ask people to do your survey, assist your product/service or do any user research/recruitment (a la Lean Startup, “please help me build my x”)
As much as we do enjoy these posts, it’d get crowded with those very fast if we’d allow them, deteriorating the experience for users.

- Don’t ask startup questions
This is not a startup site, this is a site about digital nomads and remote work, try to talk about startups. On Slack we have a #_startup channel you can use though.

- Don’t post affiliate links, coupon codes, vouchers
Don’t post affiliate links, coupon codes, vouchers anywhere Nomad List including on chat, forum, and in your bio. They sound nice but they’re in fact masked promotion for the companies behind them.

- Don’t ask people to help you if you’re out of money
If you’re out of money on other side of the world, it’s your problem not ours. Be responsible and bring enough CASH money to survive and fly back home (e.g. a few thousand in US dollars). We delete posts/messages and ban you if you ask for people to transfer you money, for ex because your cards are blocked. This is a known scam, we can’t check if you’re lying about it so we assume it’s in bad faith and ban you.

- Avoid discussing politics except for #_politics channel
I know in our times everyone’s obsessed with discussing politics. But it mostly just makes people fight each other on the internet. This is a site about travel, not politics. Discussing and sympathizing with national socialism (and also racist, supremacist-type stuff) or communism (also marxist ideologies) is especially not accepted. They were both responsible for millions of deaths in the last century, so go and find another site to do that, not on here.

- Please do NOT discuss or mention (risk for ban if you do)

Making money is never an excuse to deceive people and do stuff that’s bad for the world. There’s enough fun work to do that pays and IS awesome and leaves the world better than you found it. Just be a (wo)man and stand for ethical values and not short-term profits.

Why this long list? The digital nomad scene has been littered for the last decade with scammy stuff like this. It’s not cool. It keeps a lot of people out because it makes the entire scene look like absolute idiots. So this is my little way of trying to raise the level. Do good.

- Always make your mom proud
If your mom wouldn’t agree with what you’re doing, then it’s probably bad and you should not do it. Make your mother proud every day!

- Feedback on Nomad List
If you have feedback on any of our sites or apps, please use the feedback box at the bottom left/right of the site. Opening a thread here won’t work :slight_smile:

You can post feature requests here:

- I need help!
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:spider: Have bug reports or feedback? Please use the red contact box in the bottom-left on

- Going against moderators on Nomad List
Moderators have the final word on Nomad List to moderate based on these guidelines. It’s not in anyone’s interest to discuss those. If you disagree with how we moderate, you’re free to cancel your membership and use a different website. Any attempt at bypassing the moderation process can lead to account suspension.

- Not following guidelines results in getting silenced or permabanned
Not following these guidelines means you will get silenced for a certain amount of time (that means you can’t write on the site or chat anymore), and if you continue ignoring the guidelines, we’ll permaban you. Your IP, email and browser combo will be blocked. If you create another account, we’ll block that again. And again. And again. And again. Follow the guidelines and all is good!

- Legal
By using, posting or reading on Nomad List’s forum, chat, and other websites, you agree to these legal terms. In short, that means we’re not responsible if you follow the advice on this site and get hurt, and you give us a license to use everything you write here to publish.