Could you give me advise on my travel plans?

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I’m from Amman, Jordan, I’m currently a senior university student (one semester left!), and I also work as a part-time software developer at a Jordanian based semi-distributed company. My plan is to stay as a full-time remote employee after I graduate.

I’ve been researching the Digital Nomad/Location Independent lifestyle for about a year now and was thinking about becoming a full DN after I graduate in the summer.

I was thinking about going to Europe for about 90 days (visa limit) and making Germany my first destination. The benefit of this is that I’ll visit a dear friend of mine who’s studying there, and explore parts of Europe that I haven’t been to before. After Europe I plan to go back to my country and then leave for Turkey for about 90 days (visa on arrival).

I know that a major reason for becoming a DN is that you get to have a first world country salary and live in a low-cost country, and obviously to explore new places you’ve never been to before.

After thinking a lot about this plan, I have come to a conclusion that I won’t benefit as much from the salary difference, I’ll be paying most of my salary on living expenses rather than on travel and savings.

My question is (sorry for taking too long), should I keep living in Jordan and take a long trip to Europe once a year, or do you advise on doing something else?

Thanks for you help :smiley:

Update: Jordan is very cheap in terms of living-cost.

I would look into getting a better paying job. Just because you’re from Jordan doesn’t mean you have to earn what someone in Jordan would typically earn. The advantage of being a developer and working remotely is that you can work for a company anywhere in the world and make a “first world” salary no matter where you are from. You can do this either by working for a company in a place that pays more, or by freelancing.

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Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

I’m considering that option, so I’ll see how that works out. Thanks again.