Coworking and coliving space in Mallorca. Any ideas how to populate it?

We have set a new coworking/coliving space in Mallorca. It is an entire building with two flats on top and the coworking underneath. It is one block from the beach of bahia de palma.

We have room for 5 people in the coliving (3 rooms 1 private and two doubles) we also have space for 10 people at the coworking (50 Mb of internet and waiting for the new fiber to come and upgrade to 300Mb).

We want to keep it this way to make interactions between the local community and the internationals. We have set up a meetup group to do events and searching for new ideas and people to make a unique space.

Any suggestions?
What would you expect as a digital nomad?

If any of you are around Mallorca please come an visit us.
our website is: