Coworking spaces in Osaka?

I’m looking for a good coworking space in Osaka.

There are a few listed on &, however, none of them has reviews.

Btw, I tried one called Co:Labo coworking space. It’s located right next to Namba train station. Feels more like a library than a coworking space, wifi is decent, comfortable chairs, printer, etc. Nothing mind blowing but it does a decent job. Price is per 1200 Yen/day, or 1500 Yen if you do over 9 hours.

You can also try Osakan Space, they are on the 10th floor of a building just north of exit #1 of Hommachi station, in a building with an Au store on the first floor. Building entrance is to the left of the Au store.

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Also the Brooklyn Roasters coffee shop is only slightly south of Co:Labo and they’re a very western style cafe with wifi and plugs who don’t care if you work there all day.

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Tried “D Spot Com Nagahori” coworking space that I spotted on coworkerdotcom.

It is a very nice coworking space! I definitely recommend it. Very good internet speed, comfortable seats, quiet, meeting rooms, etc. 1000 Yen per day is really good value for what it is.

Hi Mike, I went to the Brooklyn Roasting Company in Namba. It looked pretty cool but it was full & a little bit too loud for my taste (music + train passing above) so I skipped for this time. Maybe it’s less crowded on week days though. Thanks again for the tip :slight_smile: