Dahab watersport heaven (Egypt), intro & searching for best cafes to work from?


Dahab is town located in Egypt. Closest airports are Sharm El Sheikh (1.5h drive) and Eilat (in Israel, 3h drive).

TL;DR: Dahab is pretty awesome & crazy cheap (see info below), I’m now there & look for good cafes to work from (see very bottom of the question).

Long intro about Dahab

Dahab is a watersport heaven: freediving (apnea), scuba diving, kite surfing, wind surfing, you name it.

Special note about Freediving in Dahab

Dahab is the home of The Blue Hole (100m deep), the most legendary freediving spot in the world. Where many world record of depth on one breath have been broken.

As a result, Dahab is home to the biggest freediving community worldwide, dozens of freediving competitors live here all year round & teach for a living. If taking Freediving lessons (whether SSI, AIDA, or else), you might be trained by a national record holder. Pretty surreal if you ask me.

I am training myself with Harry Shamas (Freedive Passion dot com), UK record holder who goes to 100+ meters deep.

Coworking Spaces in Dahab

Note that I’m writing the below in February 2019.

Coworkinn Dahab seems to be working on & off.
I went there a few days ago & no one answered at the door. I contacted them on facebook to know if they were open, they replied “we’re currently closed”, I then asked when they’ll reopen (in April, when the low season is over I’d imagine) but they never replied.

Mojo Cowork Cafe is a coworking space that opened not long ago it seems. It does the job: the internet connection is ok, the comfort is ok. They have some sort of big sofas instead of chairs which is super annoying, it’s kinda impossible to sit properly so you easily end up with your laptop on your legs or sitting with your back in an awkward position. Patrick runs the coworking space, he’s a nice German guy. They also serve food & there are tons of restaurants nearby (some are locals & crazy cheap).

Alchemist Hub is a new coworking space that plans to open in March 2019.

Wifi’s & network in Dahab

Note that I’m writing the below in February 2019.

So far I’m using my phone for tethering 90% of the time. Got a SIM card loaded with 20GB of data for 1 month, with Orange, it cost me 10 USD.

I always have a decent signal, 3G or 4G. And so far most of the wifi networks I’ve tried are not that great. So that does the job.

Cost of living

Note that I’m writing the below in February 2019.

You can find private studios from 150 euros a month. That’s if you have a bit of time to search. If you’re in a rush, you’ll probably spend something like 250 euros or so.

Food in restaurant: in a nice place by the sea will cost you around 2.5 euros for a dish (salad, pasta, or else); if on super tight budget, you can opt for the more local restaurant where you can have a dish between 0.5-1 euro.

Bicycle rental: if renting for a month, it costs around 40 euros - you may find something cheaper though.

Visa: currently a 1 month visa costs 25 USD. The 3 months, 6 months & 12 months visa costs around 60 euros I was told (and you can do it when here).

Cost of living is especially during the low season, which is exactly during the European winter (December to March).

So yeah, Dahab is crazy cheap and it’s close to Europe… quite unique.

Best cafes to work from in Dahab?

So since I’m disappointed by the coworking spaces, I’m looking for the best cafes to work from?

Tons of cafes & restaurant, but many don’t have plugs, are too busy or else. Insights welcome :slight_smile:

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