Digital Nomad 101 - How to become a digital nomad?


Good day Nomads,

I am currently compiling Digital Nomad 101, a list of blog posts to help guide people to become a digital nomad over at Travelistly and was wondering if you guys know any good blog posts that had helped you to become a nomad or posts that you found useful. Anything from how to pack light, how to budget, how to find place to stay to best place to get work done, routine etc. Anything goes.

My goal is to cover all the basic for a beginner to be able to get started, all listed in one page, perhaps in an order of actions. Also, if you have written one yourself, don’t hesitate to add them here and I’ll add to the list. :smile:

Here’s the current list I have:

  1. Life On The Road: The History Of Digital Nomadism
  2. Stop Packing So Much: The Minimalist Packing List
  3. How Travel Made Me More Minimal
  4. A Guide To Taking Better Travel Photography Shots
  5. Working & Travelling The World — Just Do It!
  6. You Are Ready To Quit Your Job In 2015
  7. Take Your Business On The Road
  8. Two Startups, Client Work And Photography - Pete Tells Us How He Does It On The Road
  9. Lessons From A Nomadic Startup That Builds Their Product Entirely On The Road.
  10. Interview: Transition Into Digital Nomads
  11. How To Travel To 20+ Countries…While Building A Massive Business In The Process
  12. How can I receive mail while traveling abroad?
  13. 5 Secrets to Managing Your Business While Traveling
  14. Being Trusted. Remotely.
  15. Traveling The World As A Digital Nomad

Updated on Feb 06, 2015
16. Where to Work and Live on the Go


How about receiving mail and dealing with the vestiges of a sedentary life? We have a thread here and I have a post on my blog, as well.


That’s perfect! Thank you! Added to the list now. :smile:
I’ve also found a very useful tips on how to run a business on the road by Matt from Nomadic Matt:

5 Secrets to Managing Your Business While Traveling


It’s funny. That post is very unlike my life as a nomad, since I stay in a place for months at a time, usually. I settle in a bit and do all of my work out of a Regus Businessworld office. I don’t usually take many days off.


A “what to do when things go terribly wrong” may be helpful - or terrifying.


Hey @peachananr, cool approach!
I just published my learnings on the road traveling as digital nomad in more than 20 countries in the last 3 years:
Maybe you find it useful?


This piece from Amy at is a little less “101” but I found it very reassuring when I first hit the road.


Good stuff! Thank you, Marcus!


Ooh! That’s an awesome idea Cee! I would definitely love to read what we should do when our laptops are stolen etc.


Thank you Marcus, I’ll add that to the list. :slight_smile:


Awesome post. I am too excited to finish your #2 “Stop Packing So Much” that I had to stop and ask this question:
It’s regarding your RX100. I have a nixon D3200 along with some other stuff I want to sell for it, but not sure if there is a website of some sort that does trades on cameras.

I would like to be small and portable with the quality of a dslr. Any suggestions on websites that does trade/sell?


More often than not, posts about “where to work” as a nomad usually revolved around developing countries for obvious reasons.

I have finally found a really nice article about “where to work” for developed countries in Europe, America and Oceania. Very useful for me who have always wanted to work somewhere other than Asia. :slight_smile:


Hey Shawnic,

Packing light had helped me in so many situation! Definitely something I am proud to be able to do. :smile:

I’m not sure if there’s any site to trade but might be better if you sell the DSLR somewhere and buy a new camera. Camera maintenance can be expensive and I prefer having a brand new one with insurance. :slight_smile:


I’ve got Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Traveling with a Dog (as I travel full-time with my pooch), How to Stay Stylish While Living Out of a Bag (for the lady travelers), How to Make a Temporary House Feel Like Home (the comments on this one are gold), and How to Travel Europe on $2,000 a Month (the vast majority of my time as a nomad has been spent in Western Europe).


Thank you for sharing! All your articles are super useful for digital nomad newbies. I am tremendously inspired by your wonderful worldviews.


Thanks for all the help!


I think my post on becoming a digital nomad may help! It’s really detailed and explains the whole “process” from quitting your job and going freelance to becoming nomadic. Good luck!!

#23 should help. It explains how to be a ‘working traveller’ which is still someone who works any where they want. They just don’t necessarily work online.


I wrote a post last year about some of my experience that you may find useful:


Wikivoyage is a travel guide site run by the same foundation as Wikipedia. It has a number of articles that might be relevant. Here’s one mostly written by me: