Do any nomads work for a while then just travel for a while?

I’m just curious as to other nomad’s lifestyles.

Most nomads seem to work constantly (either for others or themselves) and I was curious as to whether anyone works for a few months and then travels for a few months without working.

That would be my ideal schedule, just curious as to what you do and who you are! :smiley:

That’s what Ali and Andy ( are moving toward, I believe. :slight_smile:

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Not doing it myself. But met a guy who worked for ~2 years, and then travelled for ~6 months. If I remember correct he ran his own consulting/interim business when not travelling.

I personally take a week almost completly off every 2-3 months. Works pretty well too.

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I used to do that. Now I can’t but after a year or so I will probably switch to freelancing and go back to that schedule.

I can’t coz I have to work continuously to support my basic needs, travel expenses and to save a bit for back up. It’s quite hard to be a digital nomad without any savings at all so I try my best to save up as much as I can while exploring places. Just for my peace of mind, I guess? I have a Swiss friend though who does this. He works for like 8 months and then travel for a few months, before reverting back to his office job again.

Strangely enough, I’ve done this for years but never thought about it as being a nomad lifestyle. I guess the image of working and travelling at the same time is defining for me :smile:

I worked for about 10 years as an IT contractor. For the first 5 years or so, I worked solidly, either working or chasing work and freaking out if the gap between jobs was more than an week or so. Then I got more confident in the idea that the right contract would turn up when I needed so I’d take travel breaks, ranging from a week or so up to a year in Tokyo.

It worked really well for me because I really need variety in my life. Because I’m in Australia, it worked really well financially too. Taxes here are insane especially when you get up to a higher tax bracket so working less months of the year meant a lower before tax income but the after tax income wasn’t so different :smile:

The big con for me was that I’d live very lean while working and save every penny for travel then take off and it started feeling a bit deprived. Eg. I lived in a the outer suburbs and didn’t have a car (never wanted the expense and trouble) but that meant over 2 hours commute to work a day.


I know a brazilian couple that does like this (site available in English)

Every year they work for 3 or 4 months and travel the rest of the year.


I really like how the 2 guys from For 91 Days do it. 90 days tourist Visa and then move on to the next place.

Myself, I’ve been mostly traveling every few days for 3 years, but I finally have to admit, that this is not a sustainable way to earn money, and aim for weeks or even months at a place now.

This is roughly what I’ve been doing for the last 6 months. I’ll settle down (kind of) in a place like Bangkok and work while exploring. Then, I’ll do a month somewhere like Myanmar where it is near impossible to find internet sometimes. It makes focusing on work for those short few weeks easy when you instantly relax and adventure not long after.

What sort of work do you do? How long do you work vs travel? 3 months work, 1 month travel? i think i might try it.

I’ve just started traveling more, but previously I’ve done long stays and then move.
The length of my stays seems to be getting shorter: 1 year, 6 months, 4 months, 2 months… Now down to weeks and days. Hmmm.

The thing about longer term stays is that it takes awhile to get setup. Eg: Spain I rented an apartment and had to go through the whole internet contract and rental agreement thing.

What has really worked well for me in the past (eg: El Salvador) is to find a place through AirBnB and request to see it, then negotiate a longer term stay.

I’m also trying to save up while traveling (which seems an oxymoron). Maybe my solution is to stay longer term, eg the max allowed by your visa (as was suggested) in places where people/the culture doesn’t require formalities.

Seems your question has sparked my reflection. #workingoutloud.

I cannot do nothing for more then a week, I need to read books at least otherwise I feel like my brain is getting smaller.
At the moment idally for me is to take a day tour, or something eg every 5 days.
If I’m next to beach, swiming every day or run in the morning.
Go out at least every 2 weeks to reset my self with couple of beers.

Last month I had a working streak 17 days, 8+ hrs every day. I got crazy, and took 2 days for just toursit things, I walked 50km in 2 days.


Thanks @travelrawr. I think it’s a very good question.

I myself had been traveling quite intensively in the last 2.5 years up to total of about 1.5 years on the road (not in my home country).

That having said, I’m now booming more settled and currently doing 6 weeks full-time hustling with long (12-16) working hours (Monday-Sunday with Sunday being a bit more relaxed) and taking 1 week off as a sabbatical where I’m not allowing myself to work, only do things I’m also passionate about, like doing sports, biking, hiking, chilling, watching movies - a more lazy time although I’m still doing things of course — I’m eternally restless :wink:

I find the idea of only traveling 6 months and 6 months only working very charming but would feel that I’m not accomplishing things. That’s why for now my ideal rhythm is like I mentioned.

I hope it’s helpful.