Do I need an onward ticket to enter Bali (in 30 or 60 days?)

I plan to enter Bali for 30 days with visa on arrival and then extend my stay for another 30, making it 60 in total.

Should the date of flight on onward ticket be 30 days after the day of arrival or can it also be in 60 days (30 initial + 30 extension)? My logic is that at the day of arrival, I’ll only have a permission to stay 30 days in the country and not 60, so it would make sense for them to ask me for a proof of a ticket to that date and in not 60 days.

I flew from Barcelona to Bali recently and had the same question. It turned out an onwards flight within 60 days was sufficient. I bought an onwards flight to Singapore that’s flying out 54 days after my arrival. I did need to show an onwards flight (contrary to what some of my friends told me), otherwise the airline wouldn’t let me fly. Hope this helps :smiley:

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I have been caught out a couple of times on entering the Philippines with a single ticket. Now I purchase an onward flight from for just $5. I have used them a couple of times to show proof of onward travel and it worked both times without any problems. Through the web site you can enter the travel dates and destination and they email through a flight confirmation. It’s only the deposit of $5 you pay so you can’t actually use the flight but the ticket they send you will be fine for the purpose of showing proof of onward travel and it’s cheaper than paying for an actual flight which you are not going to use.

Visa Free Entry on arrival for 30 (thirty) days free of charge is available for nationals of the following 11 countries and territories: Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

These are countries that offer the same visa-free entry on arrival facility to Indonesian nationals.

Most of time I use a free 24 or 48h booking. This gives you a kind of fake ticket but a still is a booking and printable. Qatar Airways does a 48H one, I think Cathay as well…There are a few airlines that provide this ans this is free of charge…Print it. This works as a charm.

Personally, I always book a business class ticket to get out (and never pay for it)…in case of control, this fasten the process…

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Can you elaborate on this? How do you cancel the flight and what is the service called? Also, how do you book a business class ticket, without paying for it? :smile:

Pretty new service, don’t have any experience with it yet but looks good! flyonward dot com (sorry, I obviously can’t post links because I am new :relaxed: )

But he’s talking about Qatar Airlines, I don’t see them on that site :slight_smile:

I don’t think he is talking about flyonward! He must know another trick :wink: