Do I need vaccinations for traveling in Asia?

I’ve been looking to travel for a few years now, and I’m finally at the point where I’m pretty much ready to get going, hopefully next month.

That said, I’ve not planned ahead well, and it only just occurred to me about vaccinations. I’ve done a bit of research and there are vaccinations available, but I’m unsure how necessary they are.

I plan to chat to my local nurse/doctor before going, but I’m also interested to hear whether most people do vaccinate at all before heading out or not?

In terms of specifics, I’m planning to fly to Japan and then move south, likely hitting up Thailand, Bali, Vietnam etc.

Not expecting any official health advice here, more just personal experience. Any thoughts appreciated :+1:

@fredrivett I got all my vaccs in the US since I wasn’t sure which countries I’d end up in or for how long. Yellow Fever cost around $150. The more routine vaccs added up to $250. Now in Panama and they are a fraction of what I paid. Not sure waiting is an option for you…just figured I’d mention as it didn’t occur to me to wait until I arrived. If you’re in need of Malaria, you’d have to start ahead of time, of course. Also, doc visits are super cheap in Panama (maybe the only good thing about it) and may not be very cheap in Asia.

I am not a doctor
Just a dunce for spending a bunch of cash unnecessarily.

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It’s worth reading up before you go to the doctor. My doctor wanted to give me a few vaccinations that you really only need if you’re hitting the countryside. If you plan on hiking, camping or just hanging out in small villages then you might need them but otherwise just go for the basics.

For malaria, it’s not a vaccination but a series of tablets. I took them once and they made me really sick so I’ve not bothered since. You need to be vigilant against mosquitoes in SE Asia anyway because of Dengue etc which I think is more important than taking the tablets.

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Girlfriend and I are headed to Thailand this fall and we’re planning to also travel to Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and maybe Korea. We are in France and her French doctors recommended vaccinations against rabies, Japanese encephalitis, typhoid and hepatitis A. We got all of them, but Japanese encephalitis was pretty expensive. Like 200 euros each just for that one. Apparently it’s a rare thing to come in contact with it and it’s really limited to jungle areas, but my gf is a bit paranoid and so we went for it.

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I would say if you can spare the money you might just get some of the vaccines just to not bother your head with it. Like Hepatitis vaccines are for lifetime (just give it enough time as shots are spread over long time).

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Thanks for the thoughts here all. I got a form from the local doctors here in the UK and will hand that in and see the nurse. Hoping I won’t have to delay my plans by much (if at all) but if needs be its better to be safe than sorry I guess. A lesson to plan ahead!

Today should be my last round of vaccines hopefully. I’m starting to look at mosquito bite prevention, DEET etc, and wondering about mosquito nets? Is it worth carrying one in my backpack? May visit some rural areas and want to stay safe, but only take a net if its actually needed. Would love to hear people’s advice if you’ve got any :+1: