Do you always have your passport with you?


I prefer not carrying it with me. I only bring it with me when buying a SIM, buying alcohol in the US, and similar situations.

The likelihood of an emergency GTFO of a country ASAP situation depends a lot on where you are. For most places I visit, it’s a non-issue. But whenever I’ve been to e.g. Gaza I’ve kept it on me at all times.

For all other times, a copy in Lastpass is all I have.


I never carry it with me. I have a scan on Dropbox and I carry another form of photo-ID in my wallet at all times.

I’ve had to show the copy several times but it’s never been a problem.


I never carry mine either. I’ve only ever been asked to show it at border crossings, hotels and similar. I’d rather chance annoying a police officer than having it ripped off…


If lost, possible backups without causing disruption:

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This only works in a few countries so won’t be much good in most of the world. A DL would work just as well. Getting a 2nd passport is possible, but a pain and you really have to prove that you need it. Fearing that your passport will get stolen is not a good reason.


Second passports are a funny one. I used to have one. A few years ago, when I decided to go to New Zealand for a year, my passport only had 3 years or so left on it and given the dates and some visa restrictions, I decided it was sensible to renew it ahead of time.

So I did. But thing is, nobody cancelled the old one. Or took it. Or said I couldn’t use it anymore. Both had the same passport number too, so I had a backup for a while. Then it expired. But then again, there is no reason why I couldn’t do this again. I’m sure there are plenty of places where this is possible, even if not advertised through official channels.


I would call that a fluke, not a duplicatable experience. True 2nd passports have different passport numbers.


@wanderingdev: Not really. Argentina used to issue passports with the same number up until 1-2 years ago. I’ve had 3 or 4 over the last 20 years, all with the same number.


You’ve had multiple US passports over the last 20 years, all with the same passport numbers?


Argentinian. Was just giving an example from somewhere else.


ah. that’s useful to mention because db8871 and I were specifically discussing US passports which is why your posts didn’t make sense.


We just got US second passports. In our case, I’d sent in for the 10 year Chinese visa. While waiting, I found out that Turkey might deny entry (or destroy our Chinese Visa) if we tried to enter on a passport with a Chinese Visa. So, I decided to apply for a second passport and was given second passports with expiration in 4 years.
We carry a color copy of our US passports while out on the street, leaving the passports someplace more secure. So far, the color copies have been accepted for money exchange, police and security checks when entering buildings under guard.