Do you have a system for how you plan your next location?

It seems to be taking me days to plan my next trip. Its so complicated and seems to be a domino affect. Example: I’m in Dubrovnik and want to go to Bari, Italy next because it is close, and I can get there by ferry, (so not using so much carbon,) but the ferry only starts running in April and 90-day visa is up on March 15, so I need to move on. Cheapest flight out is to Rome, but Rome can be pricey and I’m more of a small town person, so I go looking for beautiful small towns in Italy, a BIG research project. Then how to get there?.. oy! I need a system, please!

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I suggest to decide in the last moment. For me its hard to plan ahead, and it happaned to me couple of times that i didnt show up for flights ):
So probably you know better what you want now, than in some days or months

Here’s our system, such as it is:
We stay open to suggestions and invitations, but

  1. we keep a board on Trello. com of ideas. Each continent in a column, each country is a card, and inside we paste links to articles, or notes about what cities we may want to visit.
  2. I have ScottsCheapFlights. com set up with cities we will visit so that I get notices when fare deals pop up there. Often that triggers a flight, which we research on our Trello board for where to head from that landing. And invitations may also trigger a trip to a specific place and date, and we fill in around that from Trello, with nearby places.
  3. When we have a specific destination, we run it through Inspirock. com to see what we might want to see while there. We spend a good deal of time tweaking the itinerary.
  4. Filling the gap between destinations, we use Rome2Rio. com to figure out the options for travel from one city to another. Trains are covered in the rail website: Seat61. com

I hear ya, it does take a long time to plan when you have so many options. It sounds like you need a few more criteria to narrow the search (what else interests you aside from small towns?). Just glancing at the map, you could head to Durrës to reset the visa clock in Albania, then head to Bari on the ferry from there. But, of course it depends on what your priorities are…

I got so irritated with this planning problem I started building my own tool last year (tho @lriccis’s system is pretty great). It’s still super basic, but you’re welcome to use it if it’s helpful - lets you save ideas on a map with notes (so you can skip the spreadsheet or Trello boards). It’s here: wandamaps-fe.herokuapp. com

Good luck! Nice part of the world to have in front of you :slight_smile: