Do you have a travel hanger you like?

Its been a little while since I’ve looked, but I wasn’t able to find anything that had good ratings. When you do your laundry by hand, though, and there isn’t always an iron around, it would be a nice thing to have. Obviously looking for something that:

  • is light weight
  • folds up somehow to have a small profile
  • I have kind of broad shoulders, so wide enough for my shirts.

What have you found that is either a good travel hanger or a good way to get around needing one?

I gave up having nicely ironed clothes while I traveled a while ago, it made things a lot easier :slightly_smiling:
Saying that, some hostels offer a laundry service (or will know of a place/service near by) that can iron your clothes. You could also book an AirBnB with an Iron every time you want to do washing :wink:

Over the years I’ve tried to up class my traveling wardrobe a bit, which is to say shirts with colors and pants that prefer to be ironed and hung. It’s never occurred to me to travel with my own hanger though.

I’ve largely given up on clothes that actually need to be ironed, favoring permeant press and wash and wear type stuff. Clothes that require ironing and hanging to not look like a disaster are just to hard to deal with and I wear them infrequently as a result.

I will say that finding hangers is easy. Only a few places I’ve stayed don’t have by default, but asking for a couple they were always provided.

Indeed. I’ve found that, if you ask politely enough, most hotels will have a laundry service (even the ones who don’t officially offer the service will often sort something out). Usually very cheap, super easy, and your clothes comes back ironed and folded.

Have you tried inflatable ones?