Do you have banking & tax advice for UK citizens?

Hello, I’m sure this has been asked before but I
couldn’t find anything, I am from the UK I am trying to find the best way to do banking and finance whilst being a DN. primarily where i should FILE taxes, I’ve found a lot of threads about paying tax but not about filing. for example i am considering getting a German bank account. I won’t be living in Germany at all. do i need to file taxes there since I have a bank account there.

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I’ve found this useful.

Though always best to get tailored specific advice.

If you get a bank account in Germany they will notify the country where you declare residency under the Common Reporting Standard see

The key is having a long term plan and being resident in a country that does not tax foreign source or even local income but this needs some figuring out but there are tax havens even in Europe that work well where fixing up residency with an ID card etc might just cost €2000/2500.