Do you have time zone issues working remotely in Asia?

Regarding remote work in Asia/Far East, How have or could you successfully navigate the time zone and internet issue. It sounds like you really have to use a cowork space there to have adequate connection but I would be working mainly in US time zones with 12 hour difference, are there spaces open 24 hours? Is it possible to get good internet with a long term rental instead? I would need a really good connection, which it’s hard to tell if exists in some places at all. Thanks!

In Vietnam you can get solid fibre 30/30 is pretty standard. The issue is international speed. If you’re dealing with the big guys, they are figured out their own routes into the country so all their services are fine. If your server that you want access to is not with the big guys and you’re effectively using the public internet for connectivity, then it is hit and miss. Latency is usually fine and matches the distances. It’s bandwidth that can become an issue. I average around 2-3mbps both ways, it bursts up to 10-15mbps sometimes.

So when looking check if FTTP/H is the norm, that’s good sign the country is going to be fine for general connectivity. Then check the news about international connectivity issues. Vietnam has a few cables, however they often get cut, they’ve nearly finished repairing one of the new ones, so hopefully that will help.

Also here in HCMC 30/30 goes for about US$60/month.
Big guys: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, Rackspace, etc