Do you know a small surf town with internet in Mexico?

I am currently in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico with my visa but am ready to move. I need internet and would really like surfing and mountain biking to be part of the community I move to.

Does anyone have location suggestions or experience in San Blas, Nayarit; Saladita, Guerrero; or Nexpa, Michoacan? Thanks :slight_smile:

Puerto Vallarta was pretty nice for the week I was there. Wifi was reliable @ certain locations.

Not, Mexico… but I am in Santa Teresa in Costa Rica and there is a nice coworking space I go to everyday with 25/mbps internet. A lot of surf spots, chill small town. I will have a couple extra rooms starting in August in cool house with private infinity pool.

Puerto Escondido is pretty nice for surfing. The internet isn’t amazing, but it’s totally workable.

What’s the name of the coworking space? I may spend some time in CR in 2017 and would love to be able to find a place with a good connection. Ocean view, reliable internet. You definitely need a vehicle though to get to it.

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Try San Pancho just north of where you are. It is a hidden gem and the internet way great the last time i was there.

Northern Baja has good waves and internet up to 100mb. Places like Tijuana, Rosarito and slightly south of there. I’m not sure where the “good internet” coverage ends.

Cabo also has pretty good infrastructure and great surf. Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo

Sayulita… SAYULITA Sayulita SAYULITA

I went California to Costa Rica, following the pacific coast these last few months to surf and work with my van. After 7 month of doing that, I realized there are not many spots with good internet and good surfing. But there are a few!
Michaocan is The place to be in Mexico for quality surfing.
Nexpa is a great left wave, has no internet, should it be 3G of wifi. The only reliable option is at least at 1 hour of driving.
La Ticla in Michoacan is a great spot with right and left, but no internet either.
La Saladita has internet in only one spot, with plans for a day, a week, and for a month for $50. The owner is not nice at all and can decide to “cancel” a plan if you consume too much data. It is a satellite connection, so it is costly for them. La Saladita is one of the longest left waves, extremely good for longboard, and sometimes good for shortboard.
15 min away by car in the south there there is Troncones which has really good internet in various spots and a nice beach break for shortboard.
When in la Saladita, we went to surf the morning and end of day there, also camping there, and then went to work during the day in Troncones.
Ixtapa, in Zihuataneo city, in Michoacan is a great spot with internet everywhere, should it be wifi or 3G. But you might need a car, unless you want to camp in the campground just in front of the surf spot. But this campground is not really done to work as a digital nomad.
It is always good to meet other surfer digital nomads. Don’t hesitate to connect on our blog or on facebook, twitter & instagram @followthesol !
Enjoy surfing in this great country!


@iamjames, are you sure you’re saying it right?

@yanokwa did you have any spots you found were great for working and/or meeting people? I might do an AirBnb unless I can find a house between Dec-Feb. While what I’ve found purportedly has internet, it’s always great to get out :slight_smile:

@codam thank you SO much for this post. BF and I were considering doing something similar, but after trying to do it a bit in Patagonia last year, realized that the dirtbag life and the nomad life don’t always match up, unfortunately…(this may or may not have been a harsh realization as we also rock climb…and came to this accelerated enlightenment traveling around the backcountry of LA and the USA alike).
I’ll have to check your stuff out…we’re @notlostjustdiscovering on IG, currently going thru a site rebuild.

In any case, thanks! If you’d be down to let me pick your brain more, would love to do so…

@dani We mostly hung out on the strip near Turtle Bay Cafe and El Nene and met locals. The other beaches might be better for meeting nomads…

Heya, my wife and I cycled through Mexico for about ten months last year and slow internet pisses me off! I think the Nayarit coast is a good option for you. I see you already are in Sayulita, but had already written about it before rereading your post, so I’ll leave it in here so you can compare what I think of it compared to the other places I mention.

Here are my thoughts:

San Blas:
We spent three weeks in an apartment in San Blas and absolutely loved it. It’s a beautiful place with great surfing (apparently), and is very chill and more local than most of the beaches in the area BUT that is because they have a lot of annoying insects. It was totally worth it for us, but definitely something to be aware of. We stayed at La Quinta California where we were able to rent a nice (owner calls it rustic, but we thought it was very nice) apartment halfway between the center of town and the beach. The owner used to run an internet cafe there and pays extra to have the best internet possible. You can read a little more about our time in San Blas with some pictures of the incredible beach here:

Just a little further down the coast is the gringo haven, Sayulita and its little brother to the north, San Pancho. Sayulita also is a surfing spot. You won’t have the bugs like in San Blas, but it will be much much more expensive and completely overrun by gringos. I’ve also heard from some windsurfing buddies that the water quality is quite bad because of a sewage outflow right into the bay. The town is really beautiful and there is a ton of great food there. One thing I liked about it despite being a tourist central is that it still has a pretty laid back vibe and all of the Mexicans who work there or own businesses are really cool people who are attracted to the multi-cultural vibe of the place compared to whatever conservative uber religious place they came from. San Pancho to the north has more of a hippie vibe with a really cool sunset scene on the beach, but it’s just as expensive as Sayulita. You’ll definitely find more music and restaurants and stuff happening in Sayulita and Pancho than San Blas, and you’ll be much closer to Puerto Vallarta in case you need to get any supplies you can’t find in a village. All three should have pretty solid internet unless you rent from someplace where the network is being poached.

I suggest you avoid the Oaxaca coast (at least Mazunte, San Augustin and Zipolite) like the plague. These are NOT places for a digi nomad. The internet is some of the worst we’ve seen anywhere in Mexico or Central America and there is a LOT of theft, especially in Mazunte. We were robbed in Mazunte and every day we were there we heard of someone else being robbed. Unlike other places we’ve been the locals don’t care at all. In fact, I really didn’t like the locals that much compared to everywhere else we’ve been in Mexico, especially in Nayarit. In fact, we were amazed at the difference in the attitudes of the locals there compared to the incredible friendliness of the people in the tourist town San Jose del Pacifico in the mountains right above. It’s unfortunate because the traveler vibe on the beach is pretty cool and there is a great mix of local and gringo food.

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Yep, agree with @travis below , @jakegibson. Heading to the area and looking to grab all spots I can… would love to know the name of the spot.

Hey @Rudiments your perspective is really great, and I was wondering if we could dig a bit further into some of your comments…

I’m looking at blocking 2-3 months in 2-3 different cities on the coast so that I can (1) work and (2) surf (although not necessarily in that order). Aside from your notes above, do you…

  1. Have any perspective on Pto Escondido re the culture or internet speed ( i know that’s a weird combo but I already know the surf is good, lol)

  2. What kinda bugs we talking in San Blas? Like the bite you kind that are annoying, or just terrifying bugs? Because I don’t mind the latter but can’t stand the former…

Hey @dani,

Don’t go to San Blas then, they are definitely the former! There are sand flies on the beach and jejenes (noseeums) as you go further inland. They are super tiny and bite and that is really annoying. There weren’t too many mosquitoes when we were there, but I think they get going in the summer (which they call the winter because that’s the crappy time of year - hot and rain).

I don’t know too much about Puerto Escondido because I didn’t go there, although it seems to be a place some people love and some hate. It’s definitely a party scene and if you are there during any of the Mexican beach holidays (Semana Santa & Xmas/NYE) it’ll be totally out of control. It really didn’t sound like the kind of place I’d like to hang out, but if you’re out surfing all the time, you’ll probably have a different feeling of the city. I’m not sure if this says anything about the culture, but a Mexican buddy of mine (who to be fair I could see as being the kind of dude who escalates a situation) lost some of his eyesight when a bouncer wouldn’t let him back into the bar with a beer he’d bought at that bar, he mouthed off or something and the bouncers started throwing beer bottles at him and one clocked him in the eye. It’s probably a bit more chill though outside of holiday times.

I’m not sure about the internet, but it’s a much bigger city than Mazunte or Zipolite, so I’m sure it’s better. It certainly can’t be worse!

I do know there are some additional beaches nearby that are almost empty and really beautiful, so you could easily base yourself in Pto and find your scene.