Do you know organizations that I can join to do volunteer work in Thailand?

I’m expecting to make the transition to a nomadic lifestyle starting January. My first stops will be roughly three months across various areas of Thailand. Aside from my (9-5) remote work and exploring the region, I’m interested in doing some local volunteer and/or non-profit work.

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of organizations which accept individuals looking to give their time and help out on the weekends? I’m going to start doing some searching but figured why not inquire here as well.


I went to visit the Suan Lahu coffee farm in the north of Chiang Mai.
You might want to check with them if they need some helping hands, I’m pretty sure it depends mostly on the season though.

Seems like their website is under construction right now but have a look at this link.

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I’m not sure how convenient it would be for a recurring weekend gig (located about an hour outside Chiang Mai), but I recommend the Elephant Nature Park if you would like working in an animal rescue/ rehabilitation sanctuary:

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Thanks for your suggestions! :smiley:

There’s actually a lot of resources out there for volunteer options but most aren’t a per-project basis. Habitat for Humanity has opportunities and BAAN RAKSA (Happy Healing Home - sounds interesting as well.

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There is an animal charity here on Koh Phangan called PAC who are always in need of more help.

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You need a work permit to do any kind of volunteer work in Thailand and they do enforce it. The penalty, if caught is fine, deportation and ban from returning.

A friend of mine joined a few of the volunteer projects offered by Volunteer Thailand, FFA. You might wanna check it out.

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Thanks for the idea. I spoke with someone at the Thai consulate in NYC and thought it’d be best to just contact each organization concerning work/volunteer permits, etc. I’ll explore this further as my travel dates approach.