Do you know Yoga places in Ko Phangan, Thailand?

I’d like to have an idea about the costs of yoga classes in Ko Phangan. I’ve checked a few yoga studios websites, but can’t find much info…
What’s a drop in class price and what e.g. a month membership. I’m interested in particular in the area around Beachhub.


Hey! You might want to reach out to the couple at They’re from Portland and have been on the island for about 5 months and probably have a good read on costs. We met them just as we’re leaving, super down to earth and fun folks.

Also, Beachhub is crazy expensive. The owner is super cool and it’s a really nice setup, but the prices are too high given the local COL. My place was The Flying Dutchman, which has the same view, good/cheap food, good coffee, and no added cost to working there. The downside is it’s a cafe, so no ergo chairs or established community.

Basically the North Western part of the island is the hippy, yoga and vegan restaurant and more spiritual part of the island - I loved it there. The south is the full moon party, big drinking bars and young drunk short term travelers.

There are 3 main yoga places up in the north, its a small cool community up there. Try out Agama, Orion and Gaia… I didnt do Agama but heard good things. Gaia is fairly new, I went a few times and the people were really lovely.

Hi! Thanks for the advice, I’ll check out the yogi couple :slight_smile:
Regarding beachhub, I see a monthly fee is 3,900 Baht (ca 100EUR), I feel like that’s not much more than anywhere else, is it? Or are you referring to the prices of the food in their restaurant?

My husband and I were on Koh Phangan at the end of July and stayed at Seetanu Bungalows. One of the places next door, on our same beach, had a little yoga studio. We did a drop-in class on my birthday that was pretty good. The instructor, Sunny, was super sweet and that class was 90 minutes. You can read more at Sunny Yoga. Not right by the Beachub, but maybe a 30 minute walk north of there. We walked on this small road from Seetanu down to Beachub to check it out and ended up walking back up to our place on the beach, which was faster.

If I remember correctly, they launched with monthly rates around 4200 THB. Looks like they matched KohSpace rates, which is a steal relative to most coworking spaces around the world.

However, compared to KPG food/services this is still very high. In the world of coworking, it’s very common to price your space at the cost of 2.5 cups of coffee (daily rate) and 15x daily rate for monthly plans. So for KPG that’s lands you at 185 THB daily and 2800 THB monthly, verses 300 THB and 3900 THB of Beachhub charges.

Another way to look at it is rent vs. coworking costs. In Chicago the average rent for a 1br is $1670/m and coworking is $300/m. If you’re paying 3900/m for coworking in KPG, that would translate to 21,710 THB for a 1br apartment. That’d be a SWEET 1br apartment!

Another major Yoga destination in Koh Phangan is The Sanctuary, on the opposite side of the island on Haad Tien. This is a jungle beach paradise away from roads and normal island infrastructure, but they have premium services (and fairly strong internet) despite being in a jungle on a beach accessible primarily by boat:

There are several other yoga studios nearby, including a Mysore Ashtanga studio: and Blossoming Lotus

If you want to drive around on motorbikes, work at BeacHub, eat a variety of vegan food, go explore Sri Thanu. If you want a special beach paradise and can tolerate slightly inferior internet, or are on vacation and want something especially exotic, go to the Haad Tien area (including the adjacent Haad Yuan, Haad Whynam.)