Do you need a roomate around Europe?

So I’m deciding where to go. I’ve been living in Sweden, now back home for a few weeks (barcelona), and thinking where to head next… The thing is that the apartments are usually long term and I want to be somewhere 2-3 months…

If you need a roomate make me know :wink:

Hi. I was thinking Split, or something similar in Croatia or Greece with both sea and at least some small mountains and trails (i’ll probably bring my mountain bike by train & ferry from Italy).
Renting for 1-2 month was in my mind too, because the rates of course are better but I was looking for a warmer period, like spring and early summer.
Are you planning to leave in few weeks after Barcellona?

Great. Yes in 2 weeks im leaving to Sweden, and then thinking about where to head next. Wanna rent something togetherin a warmer time? :smiley: