Do you "out" yourself as a digital nomad?

When you meet new people or reconnect with old friends, do you “out” yourself as a digital nomad? The simple question “where do you live?” makes us uncertain now. We wonder if some places may be less welcoming to digital nomads, or if “digital nomad” has a negative connotation in some places. If you are forthcoming from the start, does your status as a digital nomad make it hard to form friendships?

We would love to hear how other people navigate this… how to balance being authentic in relationships vs. withholding the context (and allowing people to assume you’re on vacation, for example).


I “out” myself as a “I could move continuously almost wherever I like but I prefer to spend most of the time in my native little village” :slight_smile:
Nomadism is just for a little slice of society, and to force in something we cannot be is wrong. Actually I feel that if I start to call myself “digital nomad” I’m the first “pissed of” one, probably also because I don’t love titles.
When I’m around and I meet people I tend to explain that I’m not from there “because …”, people look interested and maybe a bit envious.

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I never realised this is an issue, ive been on the go for over 2 years now and I am so happy to be able to do what im doing, Ive never recognised the need to tell people otherwise. My nomadic colours are pinned to the wall, right next to my rainbow flag!